5 Ways Web Designers Can Help Increase Your Traffic

5 Ways Web Designers Can Help Increase Your Traffic

Web design is no longer just a matter of aesthetics. Now, web design is a crucial part of commercial and personal internet use. Poor design doesn’t sit well with most users, and many people who visit a poorly designed site are not going to be keen on coming back. If you want your web business, or even a hobby site, to attract traffic and grow its audience, you need a professional web designer to work on your site. You’ll get at least these five benefits if you do:

1. More User-Friendly

Web designers know how different layouts, widgets, and other features affect the web viewing experience. While you might have valid design desires for your site, the designer can implement additional strategies to make the pages much easier to navigate and read. The designer will also test the pages endlessly in the design stage to ensure everything works as it should. A smoothly working site draws repeat customers who appreciate surfing without a hitch.

2. Cutting out the Junk

At the same time, the designer will also know what doesn’t work and what’s not necessary. It’s common to find site landing pages that are either too sparse or too crowded, and the designer can strike a balance between the two. Your home page should have enough information to satisfy someone trying to get general information, while not forcing too much information onto the eyes of unsuspecting readers. The designer will know what to leave, what to remove, and what to simply move onto another page. Of course, you’ll be able to have some say, but you’ll find the designer’s input vastly improves the site.

The removal of all the clutter also helps pages to load more quickly. This is essential today when people expect pages to load at the literal touch of a finger on a screen. A slow-loading site makes people click away, but a fast site makes staying on the site and looking around more enticing.

3. Built for Mass Device Use

Whether or not you like responsive design, you have to realise that sites now must be built so that they display correctly on several devices, from desktops to tablets to phones. Setting up a basic WordPress site just isn’t enough now. A designer can set up the site (or set up separate versions) to allow all users to access the pages, no matter what type of device they’re on. With inclusive design, you’ll enable more people to access the site; without inclusive design, you’ll drive away people who might otherwise want to see what you offer.

4. Better Looks

Even if you have a flair for web layout, you should have a second pair of eyes look at what you think will work. A professional Hampshire web design agency is just one example of a company that could create a well-designed and functional site for you, or your business. Web designers can create lovely pages with just the right amount of space to make the page soothing on the eyes while also placing information in the most visible spots. The web design agency will likely also know about more recent research into what layouts draw attention.

5. Knowledge of the Latest Software Technology

The software used to create web pages is only getting better and better. However, you might not have had a chance yet to learn how a new widget or program works. The web designer, though, probably already knows how to use it. The designer will also know whether one type of coding will work better than another, such as JavaScript versus CSS.

With a professional web designer, you’ll have additional eyes, ideas, and skills working on your website. You’ll have someone who has seen more of what works and what doesn’t when attracting customers, and that knowledge will serve you and your site well.