How to Create an Infographic

How to Create an Infographic

The way in which we assimilate images is far more interesting and outstanding than how we digest text. Wouldn’t you agree? We can actually see this in how popular the use of infographics has become. That design tool allows anyone, including you, to create amazing visual tools by using less text, but coupled with images.


Infographics are designed for various reasons. You might use it to present data collected from a survey, make comparisons, or even explain how something works.

There are so many ways to use an infographic, but what about you? What do you use it for? Are you perhaps considering your first infographic, maybe the tools you should use, and how to go about creating it? With the right guidance, creating your first infographic should be seamless. Here’s how you can start.

Consider these tidbits before attempting to create…

Really, there are two ways to get started with an infographic. You can use the simple or complex way. What’s your choice? Here’s a tip: run with the simple way; you’ll thank me later. To use the simple method when creating your infographic, use visualization or presentation tools.

Visualization tools are mere ‘drag and drop’ tools that allow you to be flexible and interactive with the design. These ‘drag and drop’ tools include Piktochart, Canva, Infogram, Visually etc. You can also create stunning visualizations in the form of maps. Presentation tools include the famous PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Graphic design software like CorelDRAW Graphics Suite are also great tools for creating custom infographics. Do you wish to get more creative and interactive in creating your infographic? The complex way is definitely the way to go. Be mindful, you’ll need skills such as HTML5, Flash, CSS, JavaScript skills, or a combination to get the look and feel that you want.

Are you taking notes? Good, you’re now ready to start the creation process.

Getting started with the infographic creation process

  • What data do you wish to represent or portray?


What’s your story? Are you simply presenting statistical data or concatenating existing information to quickly and more seamlessly bring across a point? Any data, including statistics presented, must be authenticated. Your audience should be able to trust you. Round up all the facts before putting things down.

  • Who are you trying to reach?

How you present information depends on your audience or the individuals the infographic is being prepared for. Are you going to present to a group of corporate leaders or a bunch of school kids? Your approach would definitely differ.

  • Make complex data easy to understand

The purpose of creating your infographic, is it to explain a complicated subject? Allow your images or statistics to do most of the work. Your infographic should put across the information in such a way that your audience finds it highly comprehensible, against reading a paragraph or an article.

  • Pay attention to how you structure the infographic


Your infographic’s structure shows how information is presented. If you want your infographic to be successful, it must be transparent. Consider the following to make sure everything is flowing.

  • Do you have too much or too little data?
  • How would you categorize your data? Is it chronological, alphabetical, categorical, or by location?
  • Where will you house your infographic? Online, television, computer presentation, or print?
  • What dimensions will your infographic bear?

A good infographic structure should present clarity and understanding. On the other hand, a poor structure will conceal facts or alter interpretation.

  • Select the right chart

There are various charts to use when putting your infographic together. What’s the best way to bring across your message? Are you making a comparison? Would it be best to use a pie chart?

What about showing the rise and fall in a particular trend? Would you opt for a line graph? Knowing when to use a line, pie, bar, or area chart is pivotal to your design.

Finding the Right Infographic Creator

To add to the previously mentioned infographic creator tools, there’s, InFoto Free, Vennage, and many more. The infographic creator tool used will influence the look and reach of your infographic. Choose wisely and happy creating.