How to Create a Website That Will Be Easy to Sell in the Future

How to Create a Website That Will Be Easy to Sell in the Future

Every time you decide to create a new website, you should also have an exit strategy that allows you to sell your website for a sizeable amount of money at a future date. You may never decide to sell your website, but putting certain things in place will make it more likely that you can sell your website for more if you do decide to take this action. Below are some of the factors you should consider so that you can easily sell your website at a future date.

Create a Website That Will Be Easy to Sell

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Website Design

The first thing website buyers notice upon viewing a website that is listed for sale on a marketplace, like Thorgate, is its design. It should be a clean design with easy navigation. Your website should also be easy to maintain and update, especially if you will be handing over your website to someone else.

Net Profit Generated by the Website

A wide range of investors and other website owners are only interested in one thing when they are buying a website. They want to know if it makes money, how it makes money and how much money it makes. The most common ways to monetize a website include affiliate marketing, advertising, drop shipping or by selling your own products or services.

It’s vital to keep a record of all of the income your website generates and what it costs to run your website. The difference between these two figures is the net profit a website makes and this is the figure website buyers are most interested in.


As soon as your website goes live, it’s important to record every event that takes place on your website. You can do this by installing a website analytics system that records the number of people who visit your website, what pages they view, their location and much more. This is information most buyers will look for before they finally decide to make an offer for your website.

Marketing Strategies Used

The marketing methods and strategies you use to send shoppers and customers to your website is another important factor you should consider. If you are getting a lot of visitors through free methods such as social media and search engine optimization, it means the person who purchases your website won’t have to spend as much money on paid advertising methods.

However, if your website relies on paid internet traffic such as Google AdWords or Facebook ads, a new website owner will have to factor in these costs as well as the cost of your website.

Systems Used to Run Your Online Business

More advanced websites often use a range of different systems. Examples include customer support, order fulfillment and a range of other services. These systems need to be fully understood by the person who buys your website, so you need to make it as easy as possible for these new owners to get up-and-running as quickly as possible.

At some stage in the future, you may decide to sell your website. If you do decide to sell your website, you should consider each of the points above.