Web Design Trends in 2024

Web Design Trends in 2024

The World Wide Web is one of the fastest-changing technology environments, with new ways of executing web applications and rendering web content surfacing throughout the year. No website can afford to stand still in the midst of all these changes, and staying ahead of them will keep your website popular with visitors and at the top of search engine rankings. These are the top five web design trends for 2024.

1. Let your content shine

It’s important to have a nice user interface, but keep in mind that the content on your website should be the attention grabber. Throughout the design of your site, you should focus on making your content unique, informative, accessible and easy to consume. A pleasant design is important, but cutting to the chase will keep visitors engaged.

2. Use bright colours

Standing out amongst your competitors is important for a lot of reasons, and making use of bright colours is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. A bright design can help you focus visitor attention on what you deem to be the most important and most marketable aspects of your website.

3. Get animation right

Flash is passé, but an animated feel to your website is not. Use style sheets to invoke a smooth feeling to your site – scrolling through pages and accessing in-depth content can have a magical feel when you get the visual effects right. Don’t overdo it, though, as no visitor enjoys interacting with an overly animated website.

4. Focus on conversation

Social media is all the rage, and for good reason. Don’t miss out on the impact that social media can have on your website in 2024. Make sure that all your website content is published across the major social networks and integrate social network functionality in the key areas of your website.

5. Machine learning

Build a website that understands its visitors. A website that can predict and pre-empt the actions of visitors can really impress and engage. An AI-enabled site does not require custom programming – numerous off-the-shelf tools can help you better anticipate the needs of your visitors.


It is very difficult for most businesses to acquire and retain the sort of staff that can stay ahead of web design trends. For this reason, most companies choose to hire contractors to implement their web strategies. Hiring through a recruitment website is the route that most companies will pursue, but whether you will get the contractor whomyou need can be hit or miss.

Hiring a contractor who is registered with an umbrella company is a reliable option when you want a reputable and experienced web designer. Umbrella companiesprovide a third-party relationship between the employer and contractor, helping to iron out contracts and invoices. They even offer financial planning for contractors, and membership provides full employment rights, so you know that your new employee’s affairs are being cared for.

Benefits of an up-to-date website

A lot of companies make do with websites that are out of date but functional. Yet, consumers are aware of trends and will automatically mark down any product or service provider presenting a website that is outdated and unimpressive. Secondly, search engines assign ranking prominence to websites which are up to date with the latest technology. In fact, there are a lot of very good reasons to motivate spending time and money on keeping up with web design trends – all leading to more sales and profits for your company.