How to Take Your Blog to a New Level in 2019

How to Take Your Blog to a New Level in 2019

According to WordPress statistics, every month more than 409 million people view over 20 billion blog pages, producing 77 million new comments. So, if you want to know if blogging has a future, then the answer is simple: it certainly does. But does your blog has a place in it? With such huge competition, it may sometimes look as if virtually every niche is already occupied by dozens of A-list bloggers with their high-res photos, effortlessly witty copy and constant flow of new content. Is it possible for an aspiring blogger to find a place here?

Yes, it is. You just have to keep your eyes peeled for new trends and apply your efforts wisely. And this article will help you do it.

1. Establish clear-cut limitations for yourself

A blogger these days should choose a fairly narrow niche and stick to it – it is a too obvious thing even to be considered as a bit of advice. However, simply dedicating your blog to a particular topic is not enough. You have to establish a framework within which you are going to work. For example, your general topic may be Rolex sea dweller, but if you post random pieces without plan or order, your audience won’t know what to expect of you. Instead, you have to establish a recognizable pattern: e.g., that you post a review about every important watch model soon after its release, offer posts on the history of the industry every other week, compare new models from different manufacturers and so on. Your readers should know what and when they can expect of you.

2. Invest in good equipment

Many people believe that blogging requires next to no investment to take off. While it is true to a certain extent – if you cannot afford it you can start out using whatever tools you have at your disposal – if you have sufficient finances, you should start thinking about acquiring more professionals tools. For example, the Internet these days is very visually oriented in general, and many niches outright require you to use a lot of images, and stock photos just won’t cut it. You can make do with your smartphone, of course, but once you invest in a real camera, your images will immediately acquire that much-needed professional feel. The same goes for software and other tools: the Adobe Suite, WordPress with some of its crucial plugins, email marketing software and so on.

3. Just do it

Every current top blogger started somewhere. All of them spent a lot of time finding their own styles. None were overnight successes. If you want to achieve the same status, crush your perfectionism and stop wasting inordinate amounts of time polishing your posts before publishing them. Establish a line after which you decide they are good enough and put them out there for everyone to see. Get feedback, adjust when necessary, gain experience and use it. Create a habit of writing every day – it is good not just for blogging but for your well-being in general.

4. Integrate other types of content

As a blogger, the majority of content you produce is going to be text, and there is nothing wrong about it. However, these days the majority of Internet users prefer other types of content: videos, images, infographics and so on. So, to spice things up, you may consider adding them into your workflow or even tying your blog in with additional channels – e.g., a YouTube channel or a podcast.

5. Work with other people from your industry

Working with guest bloggers is an excellent way to increase your outreach, engage with new audiences and diversify your content. It is doubly true if you manage to get cooperation from an industry expert whose opinions mean a lot for those interested in the niche.

6. Upgrade to a premium WordPress theme

While there are plenty of awesome free WordPress themes out there and they are quite varied, most of them have their own limitations. Usually, they limit their functionality and available styles, but sometimes it’s also about the lack of proper customer support. If you want your blog to look and feel professional, upgrading to a premium theme is a good investment.

7. Grow and maintain your mailing list

A mailing list is a powerful yet often underutilized blogging tool. A new change in Google algorithms can mess up your SEO, but your mailing list is always with you. It offers you a way to keep your visitors coming back to you even after long periods. Create an opt-in offer (usually providing a freebie in exchange for the visitor’s email), create autoresponder series to keep them interested and try to get back those who haven’t been visiting for a long time.

Blogging may be a competitive field, but with the right tools and tactics, it can be highly rewarding. We hope that these tips will help you better align your blog with what is expected of it in 2019.

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