4 Website Redesign Tips and Best Practices in 2019

4 Website Redesign Tips and Best Practices in 2019

In today’s world, a website is a powerful platform that can either make or break your business. That’s why it’s vital never to stop improving and updating it. If you think your website needs to be redesigned, that means you’ve probably noticed some elements which need to be improved. So, how to make the most of the website you already have and make it more appealing to your visitors with a brand new look?

To ensure you’re website redesign process goes smoothly, we’ve decided to share with you useful tips which will give your website a proper makeover.

  1. Determine your weak spots

Before you even start redesigning your website, you will need to determine which parts you want to improve. Of course, you will redesign the whole website but knowing what also requires your attention will help you build a better website. While you’re analyzing your existing website, ask yourself how much value it provides to your customers. Websites that are not useful will suffer from a low number of visits which leads to a decrease in your sales results. By determining your weak spots, you will have a better understanding of how big this redesigning project will actually be.

The same way you determined your weak spots, you should be aware of your strengths that are selling your product. If your existing website doesn’t highlight that enough, ensure you do it when you’re redesigning it. Your strengths can be anything from an innovative approach when talking about technological solutions to high-quality when talking about companies that offer, for example, Swiss watches or any other product on the market. Your visitors should first notice your strengths when they enter your website. After all, that is what will make them buy it.

  1. Website redesign challenges

As you start revamping your website, you will probably face some challenges along the way. Knowing that a brand new website will help you get more customers, it’s important to overcome any obstacles that might occur. Deciding on the look of your new website during the redesigning might be a bit frustrating if you didn’t take time to choose the right colors, typography, and other elements. Your website should communicate your messages clearly to your customers and look professional. As your messaging, your design should be high-quality and engaging to your audience.

It would be a good idea to check your search rankings to see how popular your website among your target audience is. Which of your competitors are ranked higher than you and how does their website look like? There may have been trends you are not aware of, such as adding videos to your home page or adding certain colors which are quite popular with your target customers right now. Anything that can help you redesign your website and attract more visitors, you should consider adding it.

  1. Mobile-responsiveness

We’ve already mentioned mobile-responsiveness as it is one of the pillars when talking about websites. After all, the majority of customers are consuming content on their smartphones. Having a website that is not responsive on their mobile phones will result in a serious bounce rate increase, and you’ll lose your website traffic. Moreover, it affects your ranking on search engines. That’s why your redesigned website should definitely be mobile responsive and allow your customers to learn about your business the way they prefer.

  1. The matter of security and functionality

Security is still one of the biggest concerns when talking about the online world. Consequently, more and more companies are putting their efforts into protecting customer data. It’s crucial that you pay attention to security issues that might arise while you’re rebuilding your website. Don’t think for a second that your customers will ignore the fact that your website is not completely secure. Being aware of the recent scandals in the online world with leaking private information on people, customers are being more cautious with giving their information.

  1. The level of functionality

Besides security, your customers want your website to be as functional as possible. Also, interactive websites will simplify customer purchase decision and any other related process. If you’re existing website didn’t offer that level of functionality, it’s time to implement it along with the redesign. Keep in mind that today’s customers are getting used to getting information right away and making them wait will only hurt your business in the end.

No matter how much work you will need to handle while redesigning your website, do it the right way. Go through all of your pages and list things that need improvement. Redesigning is not something you do every once in a while. Make sure that when you publish the new version, your customers can enjoy a platform which is interactive, engaging, straightforward, clear and simple. Don’t let that having outdated tools or bad design throw you out of this game. In the end, your website is the place where most of your customers will make their purchase decisions.

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