How To Increase Likes Fast on Instagram

How To Increase Likes Fast on Instagram

Why do you need more likes on Instagram? They matter a lot because it is a form of contact between your brand and users. And sometimes it is the first form of contact. They also tell you if your posts are being appreciated by people or not which implies more credibility for your brand. This is the new marketing strategy that is being followed by businesses and influencers all over the world. Around 90 million pictures and videos are being shared everyday, so you need to come up with ways that will make your post stand out the most. And this is exactly what this article is about.

Sharing HQ content 

There are three things that you should do if you want more likes:

  1. Showing a face, this can be yours or anyone else’s.
  2. Choosing colours that are aesthetically appealing like blue or singles tones colours.
  3. Choosing the right filters that won’t dull your picture out but instead make it stand out.

You should also take high definition pictures and videos, because it is a proven fact that they get liked 45% more than non-HD ones. Nowadays, almost all cameras on phones have great cameras, so this should not be a problem for anyone.


You should use relevant hashtags for your post to get more attention. Sometimes people use the maximum limit of hashtags allowed that is 30, but this is not liked by users and they tend to get put off by this behaviour. You should around 2 to 3 hashtags on your posts, which should be the key ones. And make sure you vary your hashtags for each post.

Tagging people 

If you tag other people, this will encourage them to share the post with their own followers thus increasing the amount of likes and engagement. You can do this by posting their picture and giving them credits, and this will be liked a lot by your users because they will feel like you are more involved and active on your Instagram page.

Buying likes 

You can also buy Instagram likes starting at $1.99, which is a quick and easy to get likes and increase the popularity of your posts. These packages tend to be very inexpensive but they do the job. You can get customized packages that will give you exactly the amount of likes you need on your posts.

Explore page 

If you make it to the explore page, you are getting of recognition and that means more likes. It is also a source of steady traffic and new followers. While the criterion to get placed in the explore page is not exactly known, but it is most likely content that is relatable to everyone and that has high engagement is what get placed in the explore page. For this, you need to know your audience i.e. your target customers and their interests, and you should observe what kind of content users are engaging in so you can post accordingly.

Posting consistently 

If you post frequently then:

  • Users will expect this and will not get overwhelmed by the consistent posts.
  • You will be deemed as credible if you post good quality content consistently.
  • Your brand will receive more recognition.
  • You are more likely to engage with your audience and this way, your audience will be more loyal to you.

This is only the gist of how you can get more likes on Instagram, and also more followers. But you can always employ new strategies that you will like result in more engagement and are not followed by anyone else. Think outside the box.