Bring Your Logo to Life with These Killer-Branding Tips

Bring Your Logo to Life with These Killer-Branding Tips

So you have effectively done with creating a state-of-the-art logo design for your new startup, contemplating what is the next phase? It is now time to meticulously search for places where you can leverage from your logo to maximize brand exposure.  Your logo is not a stand-alone element rather key ingredient of your brand that has a significant impact on your overall brand image. In addition, it is the most crucial part of your company’s visual identity that your customers probably notice first. Consequently, you need to be well aware of lucrative opportunities that will instantly take your brand to new heights.

Here we are going to share some viable tips on how you can use your logo to exponentially increase brand awareness and recognition.

Add it on your Website & Blog

A website plays an increasingly crucial role as it helps you to establish credibility as a business. It is the most important aspect of your brand that creates your online business identity. Therefore, you need to ensure that your logo visibly appears on your website and blog. The two most essential places to put your logo are preferably the header (typically in top left) and the favicon, which is a small icon that displays next to your address bar or the title on your browser tab.

In addition, make your logo design prominent on the content pages of your website so that visitors draw further to your website. Moreover, you need to ensure that your header is distinct and readable enough for different screen sizes and for favicon, you must employ either icon-only or monogram version of your logo.

Incorporate it in your Email Signature

If you want your customers to remember your brand then this is another essential place to insert your logo in. Whenever you plan to reach out a new customer or a business or just want to send an alert to your potential customers to inform about the new products or promotions. Placing your logo in your email signature will enable people to remind your brand, which is a great way to keep them positively engaged with your brand.

Further, you can also deploy tools like email signature generator that will ease your job. All you need to do is to upload the PNG version of your logo to Dropbox or Google Drive and then right click to copy the image URL. In addition, simply paste it into the generator tool to get instant results.

Employ it on all Social Media Channels

To build strong and effective brand recognition you need to use your logo as a profile photo on all social media channels that are pertaining to your business. Once you created your logo, you have an identity of your brand with you that you must know how to carry in a versatile manner.

There is a cut-throat competition prevailing among brands in the market, business owners are tremendously investing efforts into making their brand stay ahead of the curve. Therefore, social media is a great platform where you can show your branding efforts by utilizing your logo and let people know what makes you unique and different from your competitors.

Use it on the Packaging of Your Products

If you are in the e-commerce or retail business, your logo plays a pivotal role in making your brand stand out as it assures your prospect audience that they are purchasing a unique product. Use your packaging to enhance brand recognition whenever you sell your products to customers. If you don’t know how to incorporate your logo perfectly with your packaging, companies like Zenpack do it all. They can design everything from scratch and engineer the packaging.

One of the biggest reasons behind the success of any start-up or a multi-national giant is their critical usage of logo in packaging.

It enables you to differentiate your market offerings from those that are in the same business. Therefore, you need to put your logo artistically on the packaging of your products to make it instantly recognizable. For instance, Kellogg’s logo on their products below is one of the reasons behind their incredible success.

Print it on Your Office Stationary

To create a strong brand identity, logos are necessary on all your office stationary. You need to get your logo imprinted on all your office supplies for instance, coffee mugs, writing pads, pencils, pens, desk calendars, envelopes, business letterheads, visiting cards, notebooks, mouse pads so on and so forth. The reason why it is important to have your logo on your office supplies is that branded stationary more likely to reflect and communicate professionalism and uniqueness.

Place it on Vehicles that Transport Your Goods

Do not forget placing your logo on your delivery vehicles that you use to carry your products as it serves to be a moving billboard that advertises your brand. One of the finest examples is of Coca Cola Company that has made their Coca- Cola truck a branded asset exhibiting as a source of happiness. If you place your logo on the vehicle it will enable you to saturate a geographic market area with your image while creating awareness and increasing visibility.

On your Business Cards

Your business card is the most important element in the marketing arsenal that allows you to create a favorable first impression on your prospect audience. It should be the first place to consider when you think of placing a logo. It primarily serves to be the physical representation of your brand that you hand to those who are interested in your market offering that you are providing them. Ensure that your logo is displayed nicely yet professionally enough to create a strong impression.

On your Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts with a company logo help in promoting the brand and creating awareness. It is a cost-effective way that you can use to spread your brand message. Branding all your corporate gifts with your logo is a great way to create a positive attitude in your internal team as well as in your prospect audience. It will instantly stimulate them towards your brand. It is one of the proven ways that has been used in the past to create brand value.

On Your Employees Uniform

If you have an organizational culture where your employees need to wear uniforms then it is a great way to promote your brand effortlessly by putting logo on their uniforms. It is not just brilliant for building the spirit of your team and your internal branding but also it has its own merits for external branding too. For instance, United Parcel System (UPS Inc.) is a great example of promoting the brand through their employee’s uniform.

On Signage and Banners

Banners and advertisement that carry your logo will certainly able to have a better brand recognition as compare to those who are not actively utilizing their logo. You need to ensure that your logo is simple and clear so it can be printed in all sizes and shapes. For example, you want something that’s visible on small stickers, but also looks good as larger signage displayed in acrylic sign holders, that you can view here.

To increase your brand awareness and recognition, your company’s logo plays an increasingly important role. Therefore, you need to ensure that your logo is visible enough in all your branding elements. The above proven ways will enable you to boost your brand. However, these are not the only ways through which you can promote your brand with the use of logo. But we have selected the ones that will have a significant impact on your brand image.