5 Reasons Your Website Needs A Keyword Rank Checker

5 Reasons Your Website Needs A Keyword Rank Checker

Consumers nowadays use search engines like Google to find whatever they’re looking for: an electrical gadget, clothes, restaurant, or other information. And if you’re a business owner with a website, your goal should be to make it more visible to your target audience. To achieve this, it’s essential you know about search engine optimization, with one of the most important tasks being checking keyword ranking.

The Keyword Rank Checker is a tool you can use to determine your website’s ranking in a search engine for a specific keyword compared to a rival site for the same keyword. This data-driven approach is crucial for the success of your website. But if you’re unsure on whether to use a keyword rank checker, here’s an article to convince you on why using one is the right decision.

  1. Perfect For Niche Marketing

Is your site targeting a niche market? If so, the tools like SEO Scout’s keyword rank checker will undoubtedly help your business as it enables you to target your niche target audience better. You can attain this wider reach by optimizing your site’s content based on the tool’s recommendations, thereby allowing you to get an improved ranking on search engines. As a result, you’ll have an easier time reaching your target audience since rank tracking allows you to market your company strategically to suit that specific niche.

  1. Discover New Opportunities

The last couple of years have seen search engine result pages (SERPs) transform significantly to become more user-friendly. But with this improved search experience, monitoring your site has become a lot harder. This is because you’re now expected to rank tracking data to show how your website is performing.

But with the keyword rank checker, you can monitor thousands of web pages and keywords while checking your rival’s performance. Monitoring rankings in the SERP also allows you to identify possibly missed opportunities contributing to the zero-click searches. This is more vital now than ever before as over half of Google search results don’t get clicked.

Using the keyword rank checker allows you to know of changes to the SERPs and identify new opportunities to promote brand identity, increase brand awareness, and improve traffic conversion.

  1. Monitor Your Competitors

While keeping an eye on how well your site is being ranked on search engines, you shouldn’t forget to check your competitors’ performance. This is important because while you may be using a long list of trending keywords, your competitors may be using specific keywords to generate greater traffic. Knowing how they’re stealing away traffic enables you to identify the best thing to do to catch up to them.

Rank checking also allows you to know whether your competitors have uploaded new general content or new landing pages for higher ranking. You can also tell if your rival companies are using certain target phrases to increase their visibility to the target audience. After identifying this, you’ll be in a better position to shrug off any competition that puts you at risk of getting out of business.

  1. Identify Click-Through Rates (CTR) Problems

While getting a higher ranking on search engines is undoubtedly the desired goal to increase traffic, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee an increase in site visitors. Instead, visitors need to click on the search listing. However, to identify whether your web pages have attained the desired healthy organic click-through rate or if your target audience is clicking on the search listing, it’s vital to know your website’s rank for a particular keyword.

With the search rankings, you’ll be in a position to determine what the issue might be by correlating the data to the average organic CTR pages expected from the search engine. Identifying CTR issues also helps you know of quick ways to address any CTR issue, such as amending the metadata to help you attain the desired market share. With a convincing meta description or page title, you can more effectively compel your target audience to click on your website.

Therefore, using a keyword rank checker is recommended as it allows you to identify what’s working, what isn’t, and the changes to make to increase traffic and better your site’s CTR.

  1. Advantageous For Local SEO Campaigns

Performing a local SEO campaign can be hard to master and quite nerve-wracking. This shouldn’t wouldn’t the case when using a local keyword rank checker, as it allows you to identify areas that need improvement. In addition, you get to know of ways to improve SEO to generate greater profits for your company. And with the online space constantly evolving, knowing this will be essential in your quest to always have the upper hand over your competitors.


While the effectiveness of rank checkers has been questioned due to search engines becoming smarter, these tools have managed to keep up with more advanced technologies and data analysis. Therefore, you should always use one when doing keyword research to reach your target audience better. If you didn’t recognize the need for a Keyword Rank Checker before, reading this article should have helped dispel your reservations.