Why SEO and Branding are Not Mutually Exclusive?

Why SEO and Branding are Not Mutually Exclusive?

Most of the marketers I have met either do SEO or branding for the company, but hardly have I heard anyone speak about the connection between these two. In fact, I have listened to experts arguing about which is better, which makes me wonder how a company can skip on one of these if they wish to succeed in their business. If you cannot make your audience connect to your brand through proper branding, then your marketing efforts will increase but the results will not be as good as expected, similarly, without SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you may not be able to rank on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) and reach to your audience to create an impact of your brand hence these two cannot be mutually exclusive.

In fact, these two strategies promote and strengthen each other to target the right audience and create a long-lasting effect. Hence do not make mistakes similar to other marketers but tap the real power out of the combined efforts of these two strategies.

1. Link Building to Build Brand Awareness

Link building leads to brand awareness automatically as you are getting your brand message across to a large audience. This can benefit your business in multiple ways such as capturing the attention of your audience and growing customer loyalty towards your brand. The biggest advantage is that the cost of customer acquisition also goes down.

Building links will not happen overnight, you will have to apply various tactics to make it happen over time as mentioned below;

  • There are many authority websites with broken links, find out more about such websites in your niche and reach out to the owner of the site personally offering a solution by providing a relevant link from your business website.
  • Create organic links by connecting to the authors of other relevant niche websites. This may take a while but is the most effective tactic.
  • Paste relevant links on social media and platforms like Reddit and Quora to offer a solution to potential customers.

Marketers should understand that link building is a brilliant way to increase your brand awareness and drive a huge number of customers to you which does two jobs for you at the price of one.

2. Combine SEO with Branding for Effective Content

Content marketing is really important when it comes to digital marketing, but did you know the best practice would be to combine branding along with the content SEO? Write your content for both your audience and the search engine. If you write only for the search engine to improve your rankings, it will not be useful as your audience would not connect to the intent of the website and the algorithms of the search engines are smart enough to identify such sites. Whereas if you focus on writing content for the audience without focusing on the SEO part, your content may go unrecognized hence it is not wrong if we say that branding and SEO go hand in hand.

3. Rank for Keywords with Aligns with Your Brand Goals

Keyword research is a part of SEO which cannot be ignored. In fact, in any SEO seminar, the first thing you will hear the expert talk about is keyword research, but did you know that through using keywords that your audiences care about, you are actually doing branding of your company as well? You just need to coordinate your brand goals in line with the SEO research and that’s it, mission accomplished.

In reality, to take maximum advantage of the results of branding along with SEO, sticking to general SEO strategies which are in general minor cannot suffice the needs of large companies hence we suggest you to in turn utilize an enterprise SEO platform which applies strategic and expansive search engine optimization approach. It operates in alignment with your business goals and its distinct position in Google rankings. It ensures complete utilization of all the features of the search engine giant and their evolutionary process.

4. Write Image ALT Tags to Reinforce Visual Branding

Visual recognition of brand log is important and when it happens, it is like a milestone for your business as it proves that your brand image building strategies have worked perfectly.

Whenever you use an image that showcases your brand value, in your posts, do not forget to add ALT text for SEO purposes but also for branding, do add branded text so that when searched through a search engine, your brand gets recognized and this will, in turn, strengthen your company’s branding. A word of caution do not overstuff branded keywords in the images or else Google may penalize your site.

A good marketer understands the importance of integrating SEO with branding and once this practice is put into place, the improved customer acquisition as a result of the efforts of reaching out to a large audience and building a brand impact will speak for itself. Presently it has more than 36 million registered accounts. Users are upvoted and downvoted depending on what they post. Quantum Marketer has a guide about that.