2021 Marketing Guidebook for High-Impact, Long Term Results

2021 Marketing Guidebook for High-Impact, Long Term Results

With the pandemic’s global shutdowns, and other mitigation demands, triggering high unemployment, and a staggeringly devastating toll, 2020 has brought businesses, humbly, to their knees.  2021 is a critical time for eCommerce, and all commerce, as the contemplation of a recession will bring even more unimaginable challenges for your sustainability and growth.  Now, is the time to rethink your business plan, and future strategy for increasing your ROI. Many companies will seek support, guidance and best practices from reputable marketing firms, such as ad agencies in Detroit, to produce well-designed, marketing strategies which keeps your established mission statement intact, and your vision for your company’s future consistent, fluid, and evolving.

This will target your objectives for increasing profits and growing your ideal consumer base into a brand loyal, strong, and sustainable presence, and valuable resource.

When Having a Marketing Guidebook Developed, Keep the Following In-Mind


To create the most viable path for achieving your future goals, your team must assess the current business capabilities, strengths, vulnerabilities, threats, and opportunities, which must be leveraged, by your company, going forward, for revenue growth. Syncing your budget with your goals is critical to your success. It must be a motivating tool, detailed, flexible, and with a defined cash flow number for a specific amount of time. It must project as accurately as possible, capital expenditures, fixed assets, and the cash shortfalls of a struggling economy.

Customer Focus – Clarifying the Characteristics of Your Company’s Ideal Target Consumer

In designing future marketing tactics, it is imperative that the strategy used to brainstorm about customer persona, focuses on identifying the “ideal target customer” for your products and services, in great detail.  This can be accomplished by classifying would be consumers using demographics and psychographics, to discern all the necessary data needed to be assured that your products and services are appealing and meet their ongoing needs.  To gather accurate data, wise marketing teams use analytics to gather:

  • Demographics data which depends on specific hard numbers:
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Location (local, regional, national, international
  • Education (years of study, Degrees)
  • Ethnicity
  • Annual income
  • Psychographics
  • Personality traits
  • Values
  • Attitudes
  • Activities
  • Musical tastes
  • Religious beliefs
  • Aspirations
  • Opinions
  • Needs
  • Wants

Psychographics give a more personal view of the consumers likes, passions, and what product features, functions and characteristics would encourage this person to make a purchase.

Add to Your Guidebook, Your Customer’s Journey Map – What Works or Not

Today’s savvy consumer expects a harmonious, consistent, and connected experience, when making a purchase from your brand.  They want their information, needs, and history to be remembered for future purchases. Creating a Journey Map is priceless. Consider the Engagement Matrix and the power of emotional engagement. Whitepapers such as this will help give your eCommerce business insights into how your target audience feels as they shop, and what is motivating their activity.

“Customer Centric” Guidebooks Work Now, and Even More in the Future

Research has proven that eCommerce companies that focus on their target market of consumers’ experiences, realize a “needle moving” 43% increased performance gain in output, efficiency, and effectiveness, according to Forester Customer Research.

Being proactive to effectively reach your target audience, place your product or service information on the specific platforms that they frequent, at the most appropriate times when they shop online, takes an enormous amount of time and effort. It is necessary to test numerous marketing tactics, to find those which are consistent with your brand’s mission and vision statements.

The results you wish to achieve to drive your profits upward, and earn consumer loyalty, regard, and trust, take copious amounts of time.  The best guidebook is the one which provides a multi-faceted plan to reposition your business from its reactive framework of lost opportunities, to a pro-active, and very progressive, decisive, authentic, and yes, even highly sought-after, upwardly mobile business.  The all-inclusive plan that your guidebook creates, demands a deep knowledge of the frenetic marketplace that 2021 will offer, and all the available expertise you can gather, to be prepared for the success you deserve.  Marketing agencies and their specialists understand exactly how to get you to where you need to be in this post-pandemic, chaotic world.  Contact us to learn what we can do for you now, to get ahead of the coming challenges, and surpass your goals and expectations for now, and long term.