Website Inspiration: Designs Based On Popular TV Shows

Website Inspiration: Designs Based On Popular TV Shows

When you work on website design, where do you go for inspiration? You might visit famous online galleries, peruse old schoolbooks, take a walk in a natural setting, or glance at architecture for ideas.

But if you want to go for greater originality and beautiful design, it might best to look elsewhere entirely. You might try watching TV, for example.

You read that right. Kicking back in front of the television could be the answer to your design rut. Every show has its own design features, aesthetic, graphics, and color palette that can turned into a terrific web design if you know how to apply them.

Here are some examples of how your favorite shows might inspire eye-catching site designs.

Better Call Saul

Saul is one of the most versatile attorneys on prime-time television. His methods and morals are unusual, but they nearly always deliver for his clients. Better yet, he has a website that’s quite effective for his clientele, who are usually low-income, desperate people in deep legal trouble.

Though the colors, cheesy testimonials, and over-the-top advertisements are admittedly ridiculous, they offer some useful lessons about great website design.

For starters, he’s mastered the theory of color, drawing from a palette that tends to make the viewer feel such emotions as ecstasy and rage. He also makes it crystal clear what kind of people he helps and how they can contact him.

There are client testimonials, advertisements, navigation, and other elements that make for an effective site, even if it’s all a little unorthodox. To see how to apply the smarter aspects of this website on your own law firm site, check out this website design for a firm in El Paso.

It uses great color theory to give the viewer a sense of calm and safety. It also clearly states who the firm can help and how they can contact it. This is a classier, muted version of the “Better Call Saul” website, but it still employs much of the same effective design techniques.


This show about a doctor called Gregory House describes a variety of extreme medical mysteries through the eyes of an unorthodox clinical genius. With Sherlock Holmes-esque qualities, House likes to play mind games with his colleagues while he solves some of the most unfathomable medical conditions before his patients die.

The quick wit, yet somewhat dark feel, of the show is great fodder for design inspiration. It makes you veer toward dark colors, but the satisfaction of solved mysteries, and a touch of warm fuzzies when everything is worked out in the end.

For medical professionals who wish to market their services as perfect for a specific audience, try to channel some of that interesting mix of emotion into your website design. There’s something highly satisfying about identifying the answer to a mystery and knowing you’re in good hands.

That’s the kind of vibe a medical website should give off.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

If you’re planning to create a website for a mental-health professional, Curb Your Enthusiasm might lead you to some great ideas. This show is like a more contemporary version of “Seinfeld” in which Larry David plays a version of himself as he faces life’s little annoyances and curve balls.

The show is another good example from which to generate ideas when you’re looking for design inspiration. The aesthetics, clear images, and calming colors deployed throughout an episode communicate an air of professionalism that would put patients at ease when they view the site.

As unorthodox and strange as it sounds, watching television could become your favored outlet for design inspiration. So grab the remote, kick back, and do some work!