3 Ways Video Can Be Used to Aid Web Design

3 Ways Video Can Be Used to Aid Web Design

Considering the clear value video has as a marketing tool, it’s astonishing that more businesses aren’t using this all-important content medium to complement their web design efforts. In fact, it’s so underutilized that you may be able to leverage it to stand out.

The Benefits of Video in Web Design

Video – on its own – isn’t enough to complete a content marketing or web design strategy, but it’s an integral component of a brand’s overall marketing and serves the purpose of supplementing other elements. The three overarching benefits of video in web design are as follows:

  • Eye catching. Videos are eye popping and catchy. It’s easy to ignore a block of text, a symbol, or even a picture – but users can’t overlook videos. They engage multiple senses and increase the chances of reeling the viewer in for the all-important call-to-action.
  • Quick delivery. When it comes to writing, marketers have to spend time introducing an idea, making a case, and then delivering a call. This can take hundreds or even thousands of words (which is valuable real estate in web design). Video, on the other hand, can convey the same ideas in a matter of seconds.
  • Humanizing. Nothing brings a brand to life quite like video. There’s something about seeing faces and hearing voices that makes an otherwise cold brand seem real. That’s something that can’t be replaced.

There are countless other web design benefits, but these stand above the rest as the most important and pervasive. The point is you must be utilizing video in 2016.

3 Ways Video Can be Used

Another great thing about video is that it’s such a versatile content medium. In terms of web design, the possibilities are endless. Let’s check out a few of the top uses and examples to get you thinking.

1. Homepage Video

One trend that’s becoming increasingly popular is to actually integrate video into the homepage. There are a handful of different ways this is done. One of the top options is to put an explainer video near the header with a very direct call-to-action. This is what Income Store does on their website. Since they specialize in selling clients income-producing websites, they feature a video that answers the question, “Do websites actually make money?” Brief, relevant, and powerful.

Another option that’s taking hold – especially with startups and younger brands – is the use of background video. There are tons of examples of this technique in action – including Airbnb and The Yacht Company – but it isn’t for everyone. Background videos only work if they’re smooth, muted, and part of a minimalist design.

2. Customer Testimonials

One of the more effective uses of video is for customer and client testimonials. Instead of using traditional quotes and written statements, video testimonials bring the customer’s story to life and make it exponentially more real for site visitors and prospective customers.

There are many different great examples of the effectiveness of video customer testimonials in action, so we’ll just direct you to this list of some of the best. As you can see, there’s room for flexibility in these videos, but they all do a good job of conveying value.

3. “About Us” Features

Sometimes the best way to explain who a company is or what a brand does is by using video. This is something some of the most successful and creative brands in the world do to stand out. Take Chipotle, for example. When they launched their Back to the Start campaign a few years ago, they used a clever stop animation video to reach customers. It was much more powerful than any written word could have been.

Let Video Change Your Design Strategy

Video has more uses than you could ever imagine. As you embark on new projects with clients, make sure you’re discussing the benefits in full and doing justice to this powerful resource.