Why You Definitely Want A FAQ On Your Website

Why You Definitely Want A FAQ On Your Website

In this article, you’ll learn why FAQ pages are so important for any kind of business. It might even increase your sales, make them happen faster, raise the customer satisfaction rate, save you and your team loads of time, and so much more.

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You Will Make The Purchases Happen Faster

The FAQ page is extremely crucial for an e-commerce website because it can actually increase your sales and make them happen faster.

You might have your contacts listed on the website or even have a chat window installed, but are you sure that you will be able to answer all the questions 24/7? Of course not, that’s why you need a FAQ page where your potential client would be able to find all the information by himself.

Also have it mind, that there might be some clients who need to make a purchase very urgently and if you’re not able to provide, the client will simply turn to your competitors and might never come back. So if you don’t have a FAQ yet, try out this WordPress FAQ Plugin with drag&drop interface from HeroThemes.

You’ll Save Plenty Of Time For Yourself And Your Team

Just think about all the time that you will save with the FAQ page. Have you ever tried to count how much time do you and your team spend answering the questions your website visitors have?

Surely there are many repetitive questions that appear to many people, so you keep answering the same questions over and over. According to the LEAN strategy, this is one of the biggest flaws in all businesses. If you never heard of it, you can read more about actionable steps to craft a LEAN business model on Entrepreneur.

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You’ll Save The Time Of The Customer

Saving valuable time for your team is amazing but the best thing about FAQ pages is that they also save the time of your customer. And this will bring high value both for you and the customer. You will sell your products and services faster and the customer will receive the products and services faster. It’s most important in those cases when a client needs to buy a last minute gift or meet the deadlines of a project.

You’ll Rase The User Satisfaction Rate

Any customer will be happy to know that you care about them and invest in order to make their visit on your website easier and faster. Any business that puts the client first is very likely to be successful and go very far.

If there is a possibility to leave a review on your website, happy customers will start leaving positive comments eventually. And as you know, reviews play an important role in the world of e-commerce. Many purchases are made after reading reviews of previous customers.

You’ll Determine What Needs Improvement On Your Website

If you keep tracking what your website visitors search the most in your FAQ page, which you should definitely do, you’ll discover where the biggest flaws on your website are. And after you know what is the information that people cannot find, you can improve it afterward.

For example, if people keep searching for contact information, shipping costs, and the privacy policy, you should take it into consideration and place this important information into a more visible place or use different colors to highlight it.

You’ll Improve Your SEO

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According to your business, choose the main keywords you want to go into a higher position on Google. After you do this research, try to incorporate these keywords into your FAQ page where you provide the most important information. Just don’t overuse the keywords, because the text still needs to stay readable and informative.