Sitejet Review: The Perfect All-Rounder for Web Designers

Sitejet Review: The Perfect All-Rounder for Web Designers

There are currently over 1.6 billion websites that can be viewed on the internet. To put into context the sheer scale of that number, that’s approximately one website for every six human beings on the planet.

What those statistics reveal is that web design is more accessible than ever before thanks to the creation of beginner-friendly Content Management Systems (CMS).

Competition in the CMS market is tough, with several well-established brands helping to build a large proportion of the sites we currently see on the internet today.

That market domination, however, hasn’t dampened the spirits of four young German entrepreneurs, who have come up with their own CMS to take on the very best in the business.

Philipp Gohlke, Christian Pott, Hendrik Köhler and Malte Sieb all previously worked as web designers. They decided to develop their own custom-made CMS as a way of creating a more efficient working process.

The final product, Sitejet, is the culmination of their hard work. After successfully using the software to create over 4,000 websites, the team of designers finally released it for public use this year. We got to try it out for ourselves last week. What did we think? Find out below:

How Sitejet Earns its Existence

Sitejet has been built around the ethos that creating a website is not just about the finished product – it’s the journey to that final product that ultimately matters most to the customer. As a result, customer interaction and project management play just an important role in the software as website design.

This is ultimately what separates Sitejet from its competitors. While the likes of WordPress and Wix are built purely around web design, Sitejet offers an end-to-end system in which web design in just one component.

Client Communication and Project Management

Sitejet’s integrated customer portal makes communicating with clients a seamless process. Here you can exchange messages, images and files in much the same way as a normal email service.

Having access to this client-only portal via the click of a button helps to prevent any disruption to your workflow.

Customer feedback is an important tool for any web designer but sometimes it can be hard to interpret when received in a standard text document. Luckily, Sitejet has you covered on this front with its innovative visual feedback tool. This lets clients leave written comments on top of the visual skin of the website so you can easily see where they want changes made.

Sitejet also features a handy client privileges toggle, which lets you easily select which elements of a site a client can access and edit themselves. Such a tool gives the client the flexibility to choose exactly which parts of the site they wish to manage themselves once it’s completed.

As a designer, you can also grant access to sections of the site so that the client can upload or edit their own copy without you having to lift a finger.

The other ace in Sitejet’s pack is its integrated project management dashboard. From here, you can view every project you’re working on in one go and assign tasks so that every design is completed on time.

Sitejet is a Rapid Web Designing Tool

While Sitejet’s extra features are useful for any designer looking to streamline their working process, they would be worthless without a wide-ranging web design tool to back them up. Thankfully, Sitejet delivers in this department with a web design interface based around speed.

For starters, there are dozens of pre-built, mobile-friendly templates that you can choose to base a design around. The software can even come up with a site colour scheme simply by picking out hues of a company logo.

Keyboard shortcuts make it easy to quickly navigate your way through the design process, while the simple drag-and-drop format for each of the site’s elements ensure that even novices can master building a fully functioning site.

Skilled coders will be pleased to learn that you can edit and upload custom HTML, (S)CSS and Javascript by clicking on a single button.

Finally, the software also allows you to view and edit a live version of the site, so you can see the changes your edits make in a matter of seconds. The what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) interface also allows you to adjust your viewport by device type and screen size so that you can see exactly how a site will look like on other devices.


Sitejet is a CMS built by web designers for web designers. This shines through in the beneficial added features the software offers in comparison with its competitors.

The customer portal and project management elements won’t be of use to everyone. If, however, you’re an entrepreneurial designer or web agency looking to squeeze every last drop of productivity out of your working day, Sitejet is a must-try.