SEO is Constantly Evolving – Is it a Good Thing?

SEO is Constantly Evolving – Is it a Good Thing?

The expansion of knowledge has always been an evolving landscape, but since the arrival of computers, marketing has evolved at unbelievable and dramatic rates thanks to search engine optimization. SEO was once all about hiding keywords into text and using spam techniques to advance rankings for those keywords, but those practices were quickly stamped out by major search engine companies as soon as they became aware of how the tactics were applied to spike rankings.

Over the years, more and more changes occurred as more tactics were used to raise ranks. As those changes occurred, one thing became clear – SEO algorithms are constantly evolving.

Link Schemes

Link schemes are considered dead by major web engines. Although guidelines are considered ambiguous, the explanation given by the larger players is that if you deliberately try to use links to raise your ranking, you are using a scheme. The larger website browsing companies worked hard to stamp out link-building users, and even tried to penalize scheme participants. Today, guest posts and natural links are key factors in letting you earn the authority you desire.

Content Marketing

A successful SEO strategy in today’s market often includes working with qualified SEO companies that watch the ever-changing updates and qualifications of the major web engines. Knowing how to advance substance and quality over gimmicks and phony tactics can be essential in new marketing arenas. Finding a way to produce valuable content, while marketing a strong product in specific forums, is what SEO companies are all about.

Knowledge Graph

One of the major web engines introduced a knowledge graph and forever changed the world of SEO algorithms. By trying to give concise answers to questions, the need for pages and pages filled with query responses has become redundant. Individuals often search through the first page to find their answer, perhaps looking to the second-page only one-third of the time. However, the short, succinct answer to the question presented in a little box is often the final answer most people seek. SEO changed to compensate for the problem created by the knowledge graph.

User Intent

Although the use of keyword ratings began a slow death in 2006, by the middle of 2013, a few programs were introduced by major search engine companies to totally end the use of keyword optimization. By introducing a semantic search program, the AI system began to look for user intent instead of sending reply pages to each phrase or individual keyword. With the improvement of AI’s ability to see intent and meaning in queries, the keyword no longer works as it once did. That is why working with an SEO specialist company can help you can rank opportunities as it guides your focus in strategic manners.

Mobile Revolution

The phone, tablet, and other mobile devices revolutionized the way people use the internet and how they search for what they need. Whether it is a gas station, a new eatery, or a shoe shop that carries a specific brand, people are becoming more aware of how they can ask for what they want on their own terms. Yes, once upon a time, people sifted through pages of answers to their queries to find just what they wanted, but that won’t pass muster any longer. Individuals send out a question and expect precise and prompt answers in the first page, if not the first one or two replies.

Understanding the changes that searches have gone through can help online marketing. No matter what strategy is being used, staying relevant in an ever-changing market is essential because SEO is constantly evolving. All you have to do is decide if that is a good thing.