Ways to Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills

Ways to Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills

Are you having challenges writing academic essays? Well, don’t worry. If you learn the basics of writing an article, you’ll be able to excel in your academic essay writing.

With an academic essay, you can develop a thesis that is both factual and debatable. The facts are based on evidence from your research or previous researches.

As you will note, academic essays will have a specific guideline of writing them. As such, you need to remember some basic tips that’ll help you create persuasive, valuable and timely papers,

Use these tips to make your essay appealing.

  1. Have an Outline

What are you writing about? You need to know about the subject you are writing about before you start writing.

In doing this, you’ll be able to narrow down you. This is essential in creating a compelling argument.

The essay should have this outline: introduction, body and the conclusion.

The introduction should include your thesis. The body should elaborate on your findings by giving factual evidence to support your arguments. The conclusion should tie your thesis to your facts and data.

In a, you need to have at least there valid points that offer support to your thesis.

  1. Create a Unique Content

If you want people to take your research seriously, then ensure the content is unique and readable. Be sure to follow the rules of grammar, punctuation and style. If people won’t be able to read your document, how will they comprehend your arguments?

As such, you need to be sure your knowledge of basic grammar is above average. By basic grammar, we’re talking about a subject-verb agreement, better sense structures and correct usage of pronouns and adjectives.

Be sure to use all punctuation marks effectively. Differentiate where to use period and where to use a comma.

Finally, you need to use active voice rather than passive income. For instance, you may use; ‘this study found that’ rather than ‘it was found by this study that…’ using active voice allows you to improve the tone of your article.

Ensure your language is simple. Don’t use filler words on your essay. They’ll make your sentence long, unattractive and eventually detract you and your readers from the arguments you are making.

  1. Choose Right Vocabularies

Unlike other writing, academic essay writing insinuates you’re an expert in the area. As such, you cannot make simple language mistakes.

Don’t use too many technical terms to sound intelligent and smart; this has the effect of delivering the opposite results. If you don’t know what a word means, don’t use it. Otherwise, you’ll misuse it diffusing the content of your argument.

  1. Understand the Argument You Are Making

When writing an academic essay, don’t lose focus of your main argument. If you do, you won’t get off tangent from your case.

Before you include any evidence on your essay ask, “Is this supporting my thesis directly or not? If not, then delete it from your article.