How to Be More Engaging with Your Customers

How to Be More Engaging with Your Customers

Getting your customers more involved with your company is a great way to promote and sell your products. For small and large businesses alike, this is incredibly important as getting customers involved is a big part of keeping them on board. There is so much competition out there that allowing your customers to get to know you rather than just your business can make a huge difference. Here are a few simple ways to engage more with your customers.

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Social Media

This is an easy and free way to reach out to more customers and include content that they will find interesting. Creating an Instagram channel can include both professional and personal content that makes your customers relate more to your business. Whilst there is no need to become too personal, adding office photos of fun activities such as dress down Friday can let customers have an insight into your business. On Facebook, you can engage customers by offering like and share competitions, an idea you may have seen before on your newsfeed. This promotes whilst also engaging existing customers, an easy way to sell more products.


Blogs can open your business to new content and promote it all at once. You may want to blog about many things, whatever it is personal to you and your business. You can write blogs about how to best use your products, making it more interesting for customers to engage with both the business and products.  You could write about the struggles you have faced starting your business and the ups and downs of business life. Allowing customers to get to know you is something that larger business do not always do, and it can be a way to keep customers on board. With so much competition, being personal can attract more customers to you. For those who are not tech savvy, here is a quick and easy guide to starting a blog.

Make Your Customers Feel Appreciated

There are so many ways you can make your customers feel appreciated. One of the easiest ways is having loyalty schemes or special offers only for them. If they often buy a certain product, you may want to offer them a one-off price and as this is aimed just at what they buy, they will know you have taken the time to do this. Another way is to keep a check on what your customers are doing and support them. If a customer of yours has recently opened their own store or started their own business, you could share that fact on your social media or blog. There are some super easy but under used ways to make your customers feel more valued.

Engaging customers is a great way to keep them shopping with you and promote your business too. Word of mouth can be so important, especially for businesses that are small or only starting up, therefore, making your customers feel appreciated means it is more likely they will recommend you to friends and family.