Technology in the Next 100 Years

Technology in the Next 100 Years

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With the level of technological advancement that the world is experiencing at the moment, it gets really hard to imagine what next would turn up in the upcoming 10 years. Therefore, writing an essay about technological advancements for the next 100 years is a feat not for the fainthearted. Maybe it will be a boon for the people living in those times, or may even prove to be disastrous in one way or another.

To think of having an infinite future is an interesting concept. But the fact of the matter is that no one really knows what technology would achieve in the next 10 years, which makes it quite a task to even imagine the technological prowess the world would see in the upcoming 100 years.

As an idealist, I would like to think that with major advancements in technology taking place, there will be no borders left in the world, which separate one country from another. In other words, technology will be the factor that gets the world to become a united front instead of being divided into several areas. Also, there would be major advancements made in the transportation sector, so it will be possible for people to move from one place to another easily and with minimum effort. There even might be a chance that people would be travelling from one planet to another; because the way the population is increasing there might not be room for all in this planet and people would have occupied other planets as well.

However, with technology making so much progress in the future, one can dream of cars that would be run with renewable energy, or any kind of fuel which is not only cost efficient but also environmental friendly in nature. Cars in the future could be made with device on seats instead of fixed ones that we have now, which in turn would be capable of adapting according to the kind of person sitting on it in no time. Or maybe cars wouldn’t have drivers at all and would be robotic in nature, avoiding car crashes and making road accidents an anomaly instead of the norm.

When it comes to food, people would be going to institutes in the planets of Venus, Mars, etc. and learning about their delicacies, instead of having the same routines on earth. Instead of the world being a global village, the situation would be something where the whole universe will become a city with planets being the villages in the vast galaxy. People would be able to live in London, work in New York City, and go to have lunch in Paris with all the technology at their disposal.

All of this might seem like a dream come true at this point, but it is definitely something I am looking forward to, especially if I survive to live in the future.