Why Should You Choose a Website Builder with an SEO Friendly Design?

Why Should You Choose a Website Builder with an SEO Friendly Design?

Times they are a changing…even for the virtual world. The Internet is now all about going mobile. More apps are born every day, and web pages are turning into AMPs. Now, our real world is gradually entering a virtual phase where we can access anything and everything online. We can order food online and even get a drone to deliver it to our pad.

With the sudden ascent of technology, it has become even more necessary for all website builders to understand the importance of having a good internet site. A safe and optimized website is not as easy to build. You need to make a conscious effort from the planning stage to create a search engine optimized and user-friendly website.

You might find it easier to understand if we compare website building to building a brick and mortar store. You need to start with a stable platform for your online store and website as well. Start with something that is already SEO friendly. The lion’s share of your website traffic should come from only search engines. This is your organic traffic. Always remember, having organic traffic means your site is popular among search engines and this will bring in more traffic.

How to give SEO the center stage?

The lifeblood of any website is SEO. If you want more CTR, you need to fix your SEO management tool. If you want more conversions, mend your SEO. Even if you want to increase your dwell time, you need to work on your optimization skills. It ultimately boils down to your choice of the website builder and its search engine quick setup.

Here is a collection of the most SEO-friendly website builder set-ups we have seen:

1. WordPress

We are plainly listing WordPress here first because WordPress controls over 50% of the internet right now. All the hullaballoo about WordPress being the king of the web is quite good. Most of the websites, blogs, and stores are running on WordPress. It is straightforward and elegant.

However, it is not the best option for SEO optimization. Here are the significant features that keep WordPress at #1 rank:

Minimal codes and natural experts – most WordPress templates rely on HTML5 with a generous slathering of CSS3. They are flexible, beautiful and responsive too. You can make numerous changes to the style without any compromise on its structural and functional integrity.

Advanced XML sitemaps – this is a great feature that promotes its SEO-friendly qualities. Your website will enjoy real-time, lag-free indexing with the help of the advanced XML sitemaps options.

Search engine friendly add-ons – WordPress comes with a world of new add-ons and plug-ins. Just download, install and activate one to make your website extra SEO friendly. Many even give you the option to create readable URLs for easy crawling.

2. Wix

This is the second name that comes to mind when someone says, “SEO friendly website builder.” This is a complete solution for all website builders. It packs tons of features that are easy to learn and simpler to use. It is quite sturdy too. You can build any website you want with the Wix builder.

Control tags – you can now edit and manage all tags. It has search engine features that will prepare your site for all kind of search engine crawlers and bots. You can now create meta tags for your website content including images and videos. The robot.txt file is auto-generated to understand the use of restricted content.

Social media integration – with Wix it is like second nature. Social media integration plays a huge role in all websites built with this builder. You can easily connect with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Then you can step into the world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You have the Facebook Open Graph support in your armory. This enables you to integrate all website details with social media sites, especially Facebook.

Automated submissions and actionable inputs – Wix comes with the unique SEO Wizard. The results of the analysis will enable you to fine tune the website content. This will facilitate better search engine optimization. This automatically increases the chances of higher ranking with popular search engines including Google and Bing.

3. GoDaddy

If you want bulk website traffic naturally, you need to try GoDaddy. This is quite ideal for e-commerce website building tasks. It helps you out with keywords, easy submission to Google and link building options. This is the complete website building package that you may have been looking for this far.

Flexible submission of website and webpage – this is GoDaddy’s USP. It facilitates an agile submission process for all links. Submitting ready content will not take more than a few clicks with this builder. You can enjoy a niftier indexing process at the best search engines. You can also select between global and regional submission according to your audience of choice.

Added features – the analytics report has everything a webmaster needs to polish his website. You can understand every impulse of your site from the concise report containing every detail on organic traffic, CTR, dwell time, conversion rate and bounce rate from each section of your website content. It also creates a sitemap that displays pages from your site to your users.

Spreading the word – just like the other two, GoDaddy also comes with its slew of social media sharing options. Get the fastest sharing options on the popular search engines and the best social media platforms for reaching out to your target audience.

One of the telltale features of a good website builder is a good analytics report. In fact, your builder should give you the option of generating multiple reports with the help of SEO analytics tools like Google Analytics. This should make you an idea about the impacts of the continuing changes in the website content, code, and marketing tactics.

There is no perfect formula for SEO. It is more of a trial-and-error process for each site. What suits best for your top competitor website, may not be the best fit for you. Hence, although you may choose to build your site on the same platform as your competitor. You should get your custom SEO plan designed by a professional.