Supplement Your Income Through Online Courses and Digital Content

Supplement Your Income Through Online Courses and Digital Content

If you are anything like me, over the years I’ve somehow managed to amass a plethora of knowledge. Through work, school, and even just my hobbies, I learned valuable skills that I never actually thought could be monetized other than through a full-time gig. That’s when I found a way to use that knowledge to supplement my income by creating an online course by providing digital content.

Kajabi made it easy for me to use what I already know and put it to work for profit. Using an innovative platform that allows you to create simple, beautiful templates, I could take something as complex digital marketing and turn into a great online course that’s easy to follow and better to look at.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why I love Kajabi

1. Accept Payments Right Through Your Online Courses

While this may seem simple, it’s not. In most cases running an online course can be both expensive and troublesome. The cost of setting up a website, maintaining it, the price of the hosting and most importantly, the cost of accepting payments can seriously add up. Kajabi recognized that and created ways you can easily accept payments without having to buy into another payment gateway or integrating with a costly shopping cart.

2. Automated Marketing

This was truly a huge time saver and if you know a thing or two about marketing through email blasts, you know that even using sites like MailChimp can be time-consuming and an added cost-sucking out of your bottom line. By using Kajabi’s built in automated marketing, I could reach more potential clients, save on additional costs, and reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to share my knowledge with the world.

3. Video Hosting

Another tool that Kajabi offers is video hosting. No more struggles with YouTube integrations or Plug-Ins. That really speaks for itself when a lot of your content needs to be responsive and show hands on how to master the trade. You’ll love it and your clients will thank you for it.

4. The Community
Kajabi boasts a seamless and professional way to engage your clients through The Community. Over time you’ll notice that you can build an impressive following of people. It really hits you when you see your students learning from each other and even engaging with you for more content. It brings everything together in such a magical way, not to mention it can seriously boost your client base with active engagement.

5. Sales Tools

This was by far one of my favorite features of Kajabi. The sales tools they offer like the monthly subscription payment options and affiliate tools are just beyond incredible. The affiliate tools really help me drive my business through referrals.


I know what you’re thinking, but no, it doesn’t cost exuberant amounts of money. I found their pricing plans to be quite refreshing, offering three tiers:

• Basic ($129)
• Pro ($389)
• Premium ($899)

Of course, even though all the products are incredible, I found that their Pro version is a wonderful place to start (You can always upgrade to Premium as your business expands). For the business savvy individual, paying annually can get you 20{f48cdb843be78821f3e6bad1e0e37d22b133730599e0a9a60c52ba26b491813c} off the total price tag versus paying monthly.


The bottom line? Realize amazing, responsive and value generating online courses for a low cost that can really supplement your income. Using just a few minutes a day to create additional content can really get you paid.

Don’t just take my word for it. Kajabi offers 14 days free trial on the basic plan where you can jump right into it. Create that cooking course on Italian cuisine, build courses on managing personal finances, teach another language, and most importantly, get paid to do it.