How to Create an Inspiring Corporate Video

How to Create an Inspiring Corporate Video

If you’ve done a little research on the latest trends in content marketing, the chances are, you’re ready to create a corporate video. That’s great. But just as variety in content marketing becomes increasingly important; so does quality. That’s why it’s essential to seek the guidance of an international and local SEO technology like BrightEdge, to ensure your video orients and targets your content marketing strategy.

Video is on the Rise

What is SEO? in regards to video content marketing and consider the role of content in your search strategy. Few would argue that video is the fastest growing form of content marketing. In fact, according Cisco, 69% of all consumer traffic on the internet will be made of videos by 2017. And an inspiring video is an excellent way of mobilizing potential customers to take action, as well as a great opportunity to add a ton of information in a short space of time that captures your audience audio-visually and enhances your SEO marketing through its potential viral distribution.

Research Your Audience

As any good marketer knows, a successful campaign is a targeted campaign. So make sure you put the research in and know who it is you’re speaking to before you write your script. Knowing what you want to say and what action you want people to take at the end of it is also vital. Remember that your message won’t resonate with every single customer, so keep your key buyer personas in mind and speak to them. If you fail to study your audience, you may as well play you video on mute.

Make it About Them; Not About You

Don’t forget everything you’ve learned from your SEO marketing up until now when it comes to your corporate video. Just as your website content should be written to your customers and not at them, and be benefit driven, using strategic CTAs; so should your video. Don’t make your viewers sit through an extended presentation about your company history or work processes. Remember to keep it relevant to the customer.

The Power of Emotion

So many content marketers forget in B2B that they’re still speaking to people. Sure, you may be marketing to CEOs and CFOs, but don’t forget; they don’t simply turn off their personalities when they get to the office. They’re still people and not robots. So don’t stuff your video full of numbers and forgettable facts, or your viewers will struggle to get to the end. If you can connect with them on an emotional level, you’re far more likely to hold their interest and spur them to like and share.

A Little Passion Goes a Long Way

Now’s the time to get inspiring. This is the perfect opportunity to talk about not what you do; but what you believe in. How can you distinguish yourself from the competition? By stirring up emotions and being passionate about your cause. Think about your core values. While it may seem obvious, inspiring videos need to be just that; inspiring. So if you’re thinking about sales figures, company history and displaying your gambit of products and services, then it’s back to the drawing board.