5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using WordPress

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using WordPress

If you have an outdated website or you want to install a new website, you should seriously consider installing WordPress. WordPress is no longer just another blogging platform and has developed into something much bigger. Below are five of the main reasons WordPress is so popular and is being used by millions of individuals and organizations around the world.

Why You Should Be Using WordPress

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WordPress is Easy to Use

In times gone by, website development was complicated and businesses and non-technical individuals had to rely on the expertise of a qualified web developer. Over time, this dependence on a developer could become extremely costly.

WordPress has changed all of this. It is relatively easy to install this website platform. You simply register your domain name, choose a website hosting provider through a website like Make a Website Hub, install the WordPress system through your hosting provider’s control panel and start adding the relevant components and content. Once the website is set up you are then free to customize it and add as much content and as many features as you wish.


WordPress started off life as a fairly basic blogging system. However, WordPress and its themes, plugins and widgets are much more advanced now. You can add e-commerce stores, memberships, forums and much more to a WordPress website and still take advantage of its amazing blogging features. Everything can be customized to suit any ones taste and requirements.


WordPress is an open source website platform that has built up a huge community of people who strive to continually improve it. With so many people involved in this project, most problems that can occur with WordPress are addressed through their support website. A huge number of independent technical websites are also available for people who need help with WordPress.

Continuous Updates

WordPress continues to evolve and improve. This is evident by the number of updates that take place each year. These system updates improve the functionality of your WordPress website and make it more secure.

Websites Are More Visible

Most website owners want to be able to reach as big an audience as possible. This includes attracting shoppers, customers and other people interested in your content. WordPress is the perfect platform to achieve this because it includes a range of in-build SEO features.

As well as this, various SEO and social media plugins and widgets have also been developed. These components can be easily installed on a WordPress website and make it even easier to make your website more visible in the search engines and on social media websites.

Thanks to WordPress, setting up a website is no longer an expensive and difficult experience. Almost anyone with a small amount of technical knowledge could install their own WordPress website. More advanced users are also benefitting from the wide range of options this website platform offers. This versatility has made it one of the most used website platforms by all types of users and this trend looks set to continue long into the future.