Creating a Blog Infographic – DesignCoral

Creating a Blog Infographic – DesignCoral

There are many reasons to start a blog; you may have a website and would like to take advantage of inbound and content marketing to drive traffic and sales. You may be starting as a blogger either for pure passion or to generate an income. Whatever the motive may be there are tons of information. The scary part is there is overloading and contradicting information all over the web.

That’s why we have created a simple infographic that will uncomplicate the process and make it simple. Starting a blog is the easiest and fun part; building traffic and generating sales is the tougher part.

In this infographic on how to create a blog we have broken the process into 7 simple steps:

Step 1: Select a topic and register a domain name for your blog.

Step 2: Select a website platform, like WordPress and chose a website host

Step 3: Install WordPress and essential plugins

Step 4: Select a theme like Infinity that is easy to use, SEO ready and responsive on various devices

Step 5: Create extraordinary content not just ordinary content to achieve your objectives

Step 6: Ensure your on-page SEO elements are in place from the beginning

Step 7: Use content marketing tactics to bring traffic and leads to your blog

Creating a blog can be fun so enjoy it. Don’t put yourself under pressure to create content on a daily basis, in fact, content quality will beat content quantity any day. Be open to challenges and learn as you go. Be on the lookout to building relationship whether it is with bloggers, industry experts, email subscribers or clients. The longer you blog the better you will get with content marketing. Here is the infographic with 7 simple steps on creating a blog that is setup for success.

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