Bring Your Brand Identity Alive by Custom Logo Designs

Bring Your Brand Identity Alive by Custom Logo Designs

The idea of brand identity stems back long into history when those in spots of authority and ownership would label and name their assets, possessions and other materials. The purpose of this was to identify their ownership and let others know what they owned. Because humans have long used the method of branding, symbols, names and logos were thus created for this purpose. Today, whether it be a custom logo design by Designhill or big generic brand names like Starbucks, we don’t go a day without crossing paths with some very successful and effective brand identities. To create an effective brand identity requires many essential elements-one of which is its own unique custom logo design. The following are ways to bringing your brand identity to life with the use of your custom logo.

Custom Logo Designs

It doesn’t take professionals like Designhill to understand that a logo is a strong symbol of the relationship that stands between your brand and your customers. As the logo represents a short form of your products and services, customers are those that accept and feel comfortable with your logo when they choose to buy your products. In fact, it is almost never a good idea to change your logo unless necessary. According to neuroscientist Read Montague, the scanned brains of study participants showed they preferred the pop in taste with the Coca Cola label versus the same product with no logo. Results from this study concluded that logos are shortcuts for the human brain to process information quickly. Recognizing the symbol creates a sense of safety and comfort. This makes the decision making process for the customer much easier as there are reduced chances of failure anxiety. By changing your logo, you might end up disrupting the comfort zone of your customers. Therefore, the importance lies in designing a custom logo right off the bat.

Incorporate your logo with other corporate identity tools

Generally speaking, corporate identity tools are used alongside strategies that involve brand name, slogan, defining colors and fonts, spokespeople for the brand, mascots and even advertising jingles. The most optimal use of a custom logo design to bring about a brand identity is to incorporate it with other elements that also define the brand name. This will communicate to your audience what is unique about your company and why they should do business with you.

How adding social media to the mix has changed branding with logos

There have been many occasions where logos have been changed to reflect the new likings of new executives and boards. Having done so means leaving a mark of accomplishment with the company or organization. Updating a brand identity with a new look can cause problems that never existed before. The compelling aspect of all of this is how often executives of a company choose to use branding as a means of solving a completely unrelated issue. For example, when Starbucks announced it would be taking out the ‘coffee’ term in the logo and expanding the original image to a larger size, this was not well received by loyal customers. Because we are now deep into the social media era, one of the most important steps to a successful custom logo design is consulting with loyal customers. Social media is a platform where you can gain instant feedback from your customers and make the most of it in your branding. Without taking social media into consideration, it is equal to risking the negative word of mouth and feelings towards your products.

Create a logo that doesn’t have reproducibility problems

Make sure to clearly seek out everything that your logo will be printed on and not just paper ads. For example, Apple’s early multi colored apple logos were hideous when copied onto their print ads. This was initially appealing to their target audience mostly in the 70s, but since then their audience has shifted to those mostly from the 80s with more purchasing power. Having considered their audience and reproducibility issues of their former logo, Apple now has a single colored apple printed on all their products and adverts. Sometimes when it comes to logo design, less is more.

Once custom logos are created for the company brand identity, it is time to execute the strategies in all marketing communications. The company has to have someone (inside or outside the company) that understands the branding process well enough to direct those who will be implementing communications strategies. Once implemented, results should be measured and analyzed to determine what is and is not working and why. Strategies should be modified and refined to the needs of loyal customers. By following these steps and executing them properly, marketers can build better brands that have a greater chance for success in the marketplace.