How a Multi-Function Printer Will Improve Your Designs

How a Multi-Function Printer Will Improve Your Designs

Web design is a complex field that can require the use of a number of components and resources in order to see a project to completion successfully. Professional developers utilize a broad range of tools in the form of both software and hardware to bring every aspect of the design together. If you’re looking for ways to improve your design process and come out with a better end result, consider the following four ways a multi-function printer can improve your design efforts:

Multi-Function Printer

Photo by Cha gia Jose

Incorporating Artwork and Hand-Drawn Designs

Multi-function printers include print, scan, copy and fax functions within a single unified machine, thereby giving you the ability to scan and incorporate hand-drawn artwork into your digital designs. This technique can give you the edge by letting you bring a whole library of offline design components into the online realm, employing the skills of hand artists instead of limiting your projects to graphic design components.

Better Space Economics in the Workplace

Another way a multi-function printer can improve your design capabilities is by enhancing workflow in the office. Because these machines can be used to take care of printing, faxing, copying, and scanning, there’s no need to waste space with separate devices or waste time traveling back and forth from each machine. Furthermore, studies have shown that uncluttering the workspace is a great way to facilitate heightened creativity and productivity.

Printing Design Concepts to Show Clients

Finally, you can use the core functionality of a multi-function printer (printing) to print out your digital design concepts during meetings with clients. While you could easily present the design on a projector, monitor, or by sending it to the client’s email, having a printout to pass around will only add to the professionalism of your service, and it will give your clients something to look over when they’re away from the internet.

As an extra tip, be sure to make sure your printer is working optimally before printing any designs. For example, if you use a multi-function printer from HP, it would be wise to make sure you have the necessary HP toner parts installed beforehand.

Sending and Receiving Design Ideas via Fax

Multi-function printers also make it easier for you to collaborate with fellow designers and clients via fax, which can be useful when trying to seek approval for hand drawn designs or sharing rough draft concepts with other members of your team. Since the printer and fax machine are contained within the same unit, you won’t have to waste time or effort bringing your printed designs from the printer to the fax machine. Although faxing is largely seen as an outdated method of correspondence in comparison to email, there are cases where faxing design concepts can come in handy, such as in the event the design needs to be immediately printed out on the recipient’s end for presentation in a meeting, proposal, or collaborative session.

When all is said and done, the one thing you should take away from all this is that the key benefit of a multi-function printer in regard to web design is the freedom it gives you to perform all the necessary tasks involved in bringing digital designs into the real world.