Advice to Consider When Designing a Signboard

Advice to Consider When Designing a Signboard

Although you may think this is different, it is not necessary to be a genius in terms of creativity in order to design the most effective possible signboard. What should be done is to understand exactly what is necessary to be successful in the design process. Because of this, knowing the following tips will help you design something that is effective.

Always Grab Viewer Attention

The design of the signboard is done with the purpose of passing some sort of message. This is impossible in the event that viewer attention is not gained. The attention that you need is that of the target audience at all times. Do not use the regular designs that you see everywhere. Signboard location and size have to be considered. In most cases you need a size that can be remembered and the location should be chosen based on where the target audience will spend time or travel to.

Board Lifetime

A signboard will be used for a specific timeframe. Duration has to inform you about what the right material is going to be. When you will use the signboard for short periods of time, aluminum or similar materials are going to withstand long periods of time will not actually be necessary. A much better approach would be to use a cheaper material that would be effective for the time that the signboard will be up.

The Less Is More Rule

So much information is nowadays available and the message that you send can easily be lost when you do not get the attention of the viewer at the correct time. It is important to be careful about the images and text that are used. Try to offer just the information that can be considered as being essential. Add as much info as what is needed to offer a look that is not crowded. The crowded signboards are pretty hard to read. One of the most common mistakes we see is using way too much text. For instance, let’s say you create a signboard for a Brisbane car rental company. Talking about way too many vehicles offered and stating various rules and regulations on the signboard will hurt conversion chances. Keeping things simple by just offering a phone number and showcasing the rental service offered is usually enough.

Experiment With Colors

Used colors will have a huge impact on message success. If you want to have a really finished look, seriously consider the use of a color scheme that focuses on one color instead of many colors. Something really simple like using yellow text on a black background can prove to be so much more effective than other alternatives. Brighter colors will draw attention but if you overuse them, the exact opposite will happen. Main messages can also be emphasized better with the use of color photographs instead of simple text. Just experiment and see what works best.

Contrasting Typefaces

Creating contrast means that you get attention so the message can be delivered. Try to combine to typefaces that are contrasting, like bold and then thin lines, in order to offer the main message you are looking for.


Creating the very best and most effective signboard is all about experimenting and respecting rules that would get the attention of the viewers. In many cases professionals will be necessary.