What are the Advantages of a Wetroom Over a Standard Bathroom?

What are the Advantages of a Wetroom Over a Standard Bathroom?

A wetroom holds many advantages over a standard bathroom. A wetroom involves tanking a bathroom by sealing off the walls and floors with special layers and sealant, which prevents water from escaping. A shower unit and bath is then typically removed, a shower head attached, and a drain included on a sloped floor to remove water.

Screens are also added to prevent moisture from affecting towels and a toilet. Some of the key advantages of going for a wetroom over a standard bathroom include the ease by which it can be cleaned, its benefits for a property, and the ways in which wetrooms can make more of small spaces in the home. These advantages, and more, are expanded upon below:

1. Easier to Clean

A wetroom is generally easier to clean than a regular bathroom, due to the shower unit and bath being removed. The walls and floors can be wiped down and mopped to remove any excess moisture, with the majority of water being removed by a central drain. Having less fixtures also means that it becomes more difficult for grime and grout to develop behind them.

2. Better for a Property

A wetroom can have significant benefits for the structure of a property. By tanking the walls to prevent leakage, a wetroom installations prevents water and moisture from escaping into the structure of a building and causing damp. Over time, a build up of water can cause mould and problems with the weight load of walls and ceilings. In a wetroom, the water simply gets drained away, and the moisture trapped on the inside of a tanked system to evaporate.

3. More Accessible

A wetroom is particularly recommended for disabled users that have problems with regular bathrooms in terms of climbing in and out of a shower or bath. Wetrooms, by having a shower head instead of thees fixtures, removes this problem. Handles can also be fixed to ensure that slips do not occur.

4. Makes Better Use of Small Spaces

One of the key ways in which a wetroom improves on a regular bathroom is by the improved use of a small space. By removing larger enclosures like a bath or shower, the space of a room gets expanded, giving you more flexibility in terms of decoration, as well as a much easier way to clean and maintain the space available.

5. Increases Property Value

A wetroom offers a stylish addition to a regular bathroom, and can help to boost the value of a property. It’s often a good idea to have a wetroom in addition to a standard bathroom with a bath and shower, as this provides potential buyers with a choice of different styles. A specialised wetroom located on the ground floor of a property for drainage can consequently make a property stand out from others. Thus, if you’re able to sell this house and you want to buy a new one, you won’t need much support from banks or you won’t need to apply for a loan and you won’t need to be bothered dealing with Experian or other credit reporting companies to check if you have enough credit score to apply for a loan.

6. Flexibility

Another way in which wetrooms provide key differences and advantages from a standard bathroom is through the flexibility afforded by their design. A basic wetroom with a shower head and drain can be adapted to feature wooden and concrete flooring, as well as screens to prevent splashback onto units and towels, and a tray by the shower head for storing shower items.