4 Reasons Why WordPress Hosting is Good for Websites

4 Reasons Why WordPress Hosting is Good for Websites

Setting up your business is simple. All you need is skills, the perfect website, social media presence and customers will come to you. However, choosing the right hosting service for your website is a challenging task.  When starting an online business, most website owners end up going for Shared Hosting as it is cheaper with sufficient resources for a newcomer.

However, once your business grows, the traffic on your website also grows and managing on Shared Hosting tends to get difficult. This is because the server is shared between several websites, and thus the resources too are shared. This in turn leads to slow website page load speed thereby hampering the performance. To ease you through this, WordPress Hosting comes to your rescue. Moreover, if you have a WordPress website it makes more sense to choose WordPress Hosting.

In this post, we’ll be covering what WordPress Hosting is, its features and the best WordPress Hosting services available.

What is WordPress Hosting

WordPress is an open source CMS (Content Management System) that helps businesses host their WordPress websites. WordPress Hosting comes in two forms- Unmanaged WordPress Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting. Managed WordPress Hosting, allows the user to concentrate on managing their business whereas the management and maintenance of the website is taken care of by the hosting provider. In Unmanaged WordPress Hosting the owner has to take care of both the business as well as website management.

Owing to this basic reason, Managed WordPress Hosting is considered to be the best WordPress Hosting available. However, irrespective of your hosting being Managed or Unmanaged, the features provided by WordPress Hosting remain the same.

Let us checkout the top 4 reasons why WordPress Hosting is good for your Website:

1. Automatic Backups

Suppose your website is hacked or it crashes, it poses as a threat to you especially in terms of data. Data after all is the most important thing when it comes to the functioning of your business. Manual backups though helpful can at times be forgotten by users. To lessen your worries WordPress Hosting provides you with automatic backup facility to keep your website data safe and sound. Automatic Backup solutions restore your data with one-click hassle free restoration.

2. Timely Updates

WordPress releases updates to patch up vulnerabilities time and again, but keeping a track of it at times is tedious. Timely updation of WordPress protects your data from being compromised. The best WordPress Hosting is the one that provides regular and automatic WordPress updates. If you have a WordPress website, having WordPress Hosting helps you in not only improving the performance of your website but also security wise.

3. Enhanced Security

With regular updates being taken care of it brings us to the next important aspect of hosting, security. Website security is one crucial aspect that matters a lot to the business owners. When it comes to hosting services, if the server your website is hosted on is shared by multiple other websites chances of threat are high.

However, with WordPress Hosting this threat can be minimized if your WordPress Hosting is Cloud based. As with Cloud based WordPress Hosting, there is no single point of failure for the hacker to gain entry as the resources are distributed all across different the cloud (stored in different servers), thus keeping your data safe and secure. The best WordPress Hosting providers are the ones that provide Cloud based WordPress Hosting solutions, like ResellerClub. Apart from this, WordPress Hosting provides features like malware scans, FTP support and also various website security solutions.

4. Excellent Support

Lastly, comes the support provided to you by your WordPress Hosting provider. This is more important when you choose Managed WordPress Hosting over Unmanaged as, the maintenance and management of your website is looked after by them. The best WordPress Hosting has good support staff that is both skilled and technically sound. Also, another feature to determine the quality of support is to see if they are available 24×7 to their customer via email, chat and phone.

Always check the support section first, to see if the team is patient enough to solve your doubts. If the answers satisfy you, you know you’ve found the best WordPress Hosting provider for your business website.


Overall these are some of the top features you need to look out for when choosing WordPress Hosting. WordPress Hosting in a nutshell is affordable and packed with several great features, and can truly help small and medium size business establish their presence online.