8 Marketing Tips for Your Explainer Video

8 Marketing Tips for Your Explainer Video

Video content is such a crucial tool to have in your arsenal for marketing. The popularity of video trumps any other medium of online media by a long way, there is nothing else that comes close in terms of user engagement. This is no surprise, as information sticks in the mind much more effectively when attached to exciting visual and audio themes. Video is digestible, a superb way to sum up your brand in a short amount of time, and it can travel across the world in seconds. So, once you have put your time, money and energy into creating the perfect explainer video, you owe it to yourself and your brand to market it properly. Here are eight tips on how to guarantee your video is marketed to reach its full potential.

  1. Top Quality

The first rule is that your explainer video must be of excellent quality. Not only do you want your brand to be associated with top quality content but putting out a video of poor quality will damage reputation more than if you had no video at all; it can make your business look sloppy and as if quality, in general, is of no importance to you. There are so many ways to get good videos made for a competitive price, there is really no excuse for sub-standard content in 2018!

  1. Video Sharing Platforms

Most video sharing platforms are easy to upload to, and free to use. So, there is no reason why you should not be uploading your video onto these platforms. However, avoid spreading your content all available sites, it is best to keep to the most popular platforms, as, if viewers access your content on various sites, your hit rate will appear weak on all of them. If you keep to a handful of ‘big-hitters’ your hit rate will appear to be much healthier! Why not start with the following platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and Veoh.

  1. Social Media

Once you have spread your content throughout your desired video sharing sites, the next step is to point your audience in the right direction by linking to your video through your social media platforms. The big three are the most important; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These three are still the most popular platforms by far, and your brand should be communicating through these as a minimum. However, you might want to consider a few more platforms if they suit your brand appropriately; Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Snapchat.

  1. Video Marketing Tools

Although social media and video sharing platforms are fantastic and essential elements to any marketing campaign, they do not offer much in terms of statistics, analytics, strategies or easy to use software. This is where specific video marketing tools come in to play. They offer these extra elements, which help you to stay in control of your campaign, and to educate you about what your competition is like in your specific market. Check out this article to learn more about the best video marketing tools available: 11 Awesome Video Marketing Tools

  1. Embed Video on Your Homepage

This might seem obvious, but often businesses are so busy spreading their content online, that they forget to put it on their front door! Make sure your video is uploaded to your main landing page. If you have done your video justice it will be the best encapsulation of what your brand is all about, so should be your opening piece of content. It will also help reassure users who have seen your content elsewhere that they are in the right place!

  1. Submit to Blogs

Blogging is more popular than ever. Although blogs have been around for a while, the online community has really taken to them in the last three or four years. Many blogs invite content submissions from outside sources, so if you can find such a blog, that is both relevant to your business and has a good hit rate, then it doesn’t hurt to submit an article or two. This is a great opportunity to get your video out there. Whether the article is about your explainer video in particular, or you just use it as brand advertising in a blog piece with a wider context, it is still excellent exposure.

  1. Sponsored Content

If you have the spare capital, you might wish to go one step further with your blog submissions. Find blogs that accept sponsored content and that are relevant to your brand and pay to submit your video to these. Sponsored blogs tend to reach a wider audience because, as you might expect, they have more money behind them and therefore more resources. 

  1. AdWords

‘AdWords’ is Google’s paid advertising tool. Advertisers bid on the keywords that will best serve their product or service.When these words are clicked on, the user is led to a website landing page (your page). You only pay when someone clicks on the ad. Again, if you have the money, this can prove to be an effective and lucrative marketing strategy, especially good when you are trying to build up a fresh customer base.

In The End…

These marketing tips may seem like drops in the ocean, but the key to maintaining presence online, and keeping the user aware of your brand and explainer video, is by drip-feeding; post little and often. This is best achieved by covering as much ‘high value’ online ground as possible. All of these are easy to implement and, when nurtured, are guaranteed to yield excellent results.