22 Free Lightroom Presets for Beginners

22 Free Lightroom Presets for Beginners

Either you are doing blogging or professional shooting, free Lightroom presets will benefit your work. These tools are designed to enhance the depth of colors on your pictures just in a few seconds. Moreover, the photo editing gets faster, and your shots look really stunning and professional. You will feel more organized and full of creative ideas. It is quite a difficult task to find really good Lightroom presets at no charge.

The key plus of the following LR presets is obvious – you can get them completely for free. Besides, if you aren’t very experienced in image editing and using presets, such a bundle may be a perfect beginning. In case you want to make matte, soft, light and airy, pastel, sepia or professional black & white effects – Free Lightroom presets http://fixthephoto.com/free-lightroom-presets will be useful.

Free Lightroom Presets Collection

FixThePhoto service that offers professional photo retouching online designed many free LR presets for everybody to train their skills in Adobe LR and add a professional touch to photos. Every collection is convenient to apply and operate on both Windows and macOS. It is compatible with all versions of Lightroom and comprises ten elements, assorted within a similar style and effects.

Free Black and White Lightroom presets

If you are interested in a black & white HDR effect, pay attention to this kit. Simple manipulations guaranty awesome look of the images.


This brownish effect must be familiar to many. Such photos are deep and meaningful and may even look like been taken many years ago. This collection is great for many photo genres:

  • Portraits;
  • Landscapes;
  • Outdoor pictures.

Cross Process Effect

“Playing” a little bit with saturation and adjusting color balance may be very beneficial for your photos. You may get a very quaint effect and strengthen every single detail of an image with best free Lightroom presets 2018. Highly recommended for the shots made outside in summer: on beaches, open cafes, while riding a bike, playing games etc.

Free Lightroom presets wedding

Wedding photos are very emotional, tender and touching. People want to keep the emotions and save jolly feelings at least on the photos. Wedding free presets can ease this task significantly. In the collection, you will find cool pallets (matte, classic B&W, soft color) that are perfect for the event photography. Just in a few clicks your photos will look awesome.

Matte Collection

Nowadays, this effect is of a high popularity in many photo genres, especially in digital photography. Warm shades and colors, unique textures will make a professional editing of your image; add a nostalgic feeling and cozy atmosphere.


Pastel colors and soft, gentle tones never lose popularity. Photographers use this kit for portraits, every day pictures, blog posts and much more, as this effect makes them airy.

Best free Lightroom Presets 2017

We have prepared the list of the most demanded effects and color settings among photographers in 2017. Amazing effects for all tastes and photography styles.


This kit is designed for the cutest creatures in the world – children. All presets will make an emphasis on the innocence and tenderness of kids and turn the photos into a sweet masterpiece. It becomes simply and solely to remove yellow spots, making the skin pink and smooth, using the collection.

Free Lightroom Presets for Portraits

Looking for a universal bundle? We have something in view! This package can be applied to any photograph you edit, starting from everyday shots to magazine images. Just by clicking “download’ you get a chance to boost male and female photos in less than no time.

Film Presets

Everyone likes the stylish film effect. Achieve an astonishing result, combined with an exclusive mood and experiment with colors, contrast and shades with this free bundle. Ten LR free sellFilm presets inspired by soft and moody film frames.


Fashion shots always look impressive when published in magazines, advertisements and web sites of fashion brands. This pack will enable you to achieve the similar results and create a glamour fashionable picture from a simple shot.


Landscapes are always great to look at, but, unfortunately, they seem to be somehow different at photos, if compared to real life. These free Lightroom presets for landscapes emphasize the richness of the sky, mystery of a forest or calmness of a deep ocean. Select the preset you need and make your breathtaking nature pictures even brighter.

Sunrise and Sunset Pack

You may have be the most skillful photographer with the most expensive DSLR camera, but still have some problems capturing the loveliness of sunrises and sunsets. How to represent all the amenity of colors on the picture? The solution is to take advantage of the sunrise and sunset free Lightroom presets. With these two separate collections you will easily add some natural light and create a dramatic picture with natural color scheme.


The street style shots attract a lot of attention as well as urban landscapes. With the collection of cityscape presets, it becomes possible to create a lively city atmosphere and convey all necessary details and ideas. Apply them to your Instagram pictures and make your followers say “wow”.

Street Photography

Looking at street pictures, viewers usually pay attention to the buildings, cafes, bars, small shops, plants and trees. Thus, this bundle offers the perfect combination of colors, shades and temperature Lightroom settings to make customers remember your photos forever.

Car Presets

The pack is definitely of top importance if you need to convey the power, pace and the eye appeal of the cars. Make your car pictures hot and outstanding encouraging viewers to buy the same one.

HDR LR Presets

Create a dynamic effect on different photo types, whether is landscape, car, or portrait, with great mix of contrast, highlights and white balance effects.


There is always something special about atmosphere in nightclubs, cafes, concert halls or other events but very often the images lack the light, have too many moving objects and flashing lights, and as a result look unattractive and “dirty”. This collection has useful presets to convey the right atmosphere, making pictures look very professionally edited.

Vintage Bundle

It happens sometimes that photos look pretty well, but they would look even more astonishing if edited with vintage presets. In such a way enrich the photos with retro mood and nostalgic depth. Fantastic B&W and sepia color effects in 1 click.

Real Estate HDR Presets

This genre photography needs a special attention because it must look attracting and dynamic on listings. You can eke out the deficient distinctiveness and sharpness of your photos, applying this collection.

Real Estate

Real estate photos have to look appealing. The quality if the property demonstrated on the picture must be really high and undoubtful. HDR effect, color correction and white balance adjusting will significantly refine your property images.


Produce splendid picture of houses, apartments, cafes, restaurants indoors by dint of this collection for interior design. They will remove darkness or add some brightness, warm colors and temperature if needed.


The beauty and richens of autumn colors can’t be compared to anything else. It is surely the most stunning and rich season when lots of photographers provide individual or group outdoor photo-sessions. To represent the vividness of nature and accentuate the colors, you can use the presets from this package.

Warm Presets

Warm photos taken at a local café with a cup of coffee are always evoke some sweet and touching memories and feelings. This effect is very easy to obtain owing to warm presets that can liven up the photos making them more emotional.

Free cool LR presets

From time to time, photographers need some cool atmosphere on their photos. The emotions they captured during a photo-shot can be simply strengthened by these presets with cool colors (white, grey, blue) and tones.

Film Effect

Another bundle of LR presets with B&W, vintage film effects. It will suit well for almost all photography genres and especially for portraits made outside.

Dark LR presets collection

Dark colors give a photo some special and interesting atmosphere, making it mysterious and modern simultaneously, whether is a portrait or a landscape.

Food Photography

Food pictures have to look gorgeous and appetizing everywhere – on Instagram, menu, advertising, etc. They are also very important for cooking books online. This set will help you to create high-quality pictures of food and professional color correction.

How to Install Lightroom Presets

The truth is that installing free Lightroom presets on either Windows or Mac is a piece of cake.

On Windows:

  1. The first thing to do is downloading the chosen preset.
  2. Then open the Lightroom software on your computer or a laptop.
  3. You see an opened window, so drag there the selected file.
  4. Choose Edit > Preferences >Presets.
  5. Activate the Show Presets folder, by clicking on it.
  6. Pick Lightroom and double-click.
  7. Pick Develop Presets.
  8. Find the needed files and copy them.
  9. Finally, restart LR and enjoy the work.

On Mac:

  1. Open the Lightroom software.
  2. Pick Dialogue > Preferences > Presets.
  3. You will see a pop-up window and Click on Show Presets Folder there.
  4. After that pick Lightroom and Develop Presets.
  5. Copy all folders with selected files to Develop Presets Folder.
  6. Quit the program and then enjoy the chosen collection.

Download the bundles of LR presets you like and are interested in, make creative color correction and transform your raw photos into outstanding photographs.