Web Design For Property Investors

Web Design For Property Investors

A Good Portfolio Website is Vital for Everyone in the Property Business

These days, your website needs to do more than look good – it is a vital part of your business, and nowhere more so than in the property investment field.

It has often been said that the website is to the company as the clothes are to the person. This is true, and it is of course important – a shoddy, old fashioned website can turn off customers just as easily as a shoddy, old-fashioned shop front. However, today a website needs to do more than just look pretty, and nowhere is this more true than in the property management and investment field. For property investors, a good portfolio website is vital to attract customers and increase business.

There are a number of keys to designing the perfect portfolio website, which must be correctly blended. Surrenden Invest recently launched its new site, and gives a perfect example of what can be achieved with a good web designer and the right ideas.


Your website needs to stand out from the crowd, and this means some innovation and creativity is in order. For example, Surrenden’s website makes excellent use of visuals and muted shades to create an attractive yet professional look and feel that is all its own.

User Experience (UX)

UX is an extremely broad term, encompassing all aspects of the end user’s interaction with the website. Put simply, it is the “human” aspect of web design that is all too easily forgotten.

Again, referring back to Surrenden’s website, we see that navigation is easy and intuitive, pages are quick to load and the site works seamlessly across all platforms. All aspects that add up to an enjoyable user experience which will have visitors coming back again and again.


So far, we have described an attractive website with a unique look, which is easy to navigate and provides a good user experience. This is great, but of course, it also needs to have something to say.

When we refer back to Surrenden’s site, we can see that there is a lot of information there regarding who they are, what they do, the geographical areas in which they specialise and plenty more. But all of this is presented in an uncluttered way that is easy to access.

Calls to Action

A Call to Action can be any prompt or trigger that appears in the website to drive a prospective customer or client towards a specific action. It is an essential element in converting visitors into customers and views into sales.

We can see several calls to action within the Surrenden site, through the “view,” “find out more” and “make an enquiry” buttons. All are unobtrusive and blend into the overall design and feel of the website – no “hard sells” here!

The right ingredients in the right proportions

Having examined the different ingredients of the perfect portfolio website it becomes clear how all these aspects should combine in the right balance, like the ingredients of the perfect cake.

Visuals, information, calls to action and a good user experience all need to blend together in the right way. Surrenden’s website provides the perfect case study of how this can be achieved.