Importance Of Landing Pages For A Startup

Importance Of Landing Pages For A Startup

Landing pages should be an integral part of any online business. A landing page serves the purpose of an entry point to your website. With the increasing competition in any kind of business, a well-designed landing page is an added advantage which helps you in making your online business better than the other competitors.

Landing Pages

When you create a new website, which is related to your business, it takes time to develop. This time can be from weeks to months. Within this period you do not get any customers as there is no marketing. It is very crucial in any form of business that you start getting the customers from day one.

At this point, the question arises how to achieve this? It can be achieved by putting up a well-designed landing page which shows all the key features and ideas related to your business. This landing page is marketed with the help of an email collection box. If people are convinced with the information given on the landing page, they may leave their email address on the landing page.

AB Testing

In order to check the validity and standards of your landing page, you should perform AB tests. In this testing, two different versions of a landing page are made, then released at the same time and the results are compared. It helps in improving the landing page because you come to know about those areas of the landing page, which need improvement.

Importance of Landing Pages

A landing Page Provides A Good Impression

A business mostly gains recognition through ‘word of mouth’. Nowadays Google search is the answer to all our questions. Many customers know about your company through a Google search. Here landing pages play a major role in deciding whether new customers will like your product or not. An effective and professional landing page can be designed with the help of an online landing page builder tool, such as Landingi.

A Good Platform for Showing Your Product and Services to People

The visitors comes to know about your product and services with the help of a landing page. Each and every detail about your company you can show to visitors in the form of images, texts and video, etc.

Market Research Is Improved with The Collected Data

The growth of a business is increased when you are able to understand the interest and needs of your customers and provide them with the desired product. A landing page serves as a good medium to collect data such as age, sex, and email, etc. from the visitors. This is done by designing a submit button form on your landing page. This data gives you a proper understanding of your customers.


A landing page is a very good tool for building your business. He convinces customers about your product or service and gives them appropriate information about your services and they can make a proper choice in relation to that service.