Codester Offers Essential Web Development Assets and More!

Codester Offers Essential Web Development Assets and More!


There are numerous ways in which web developers can make their lives easier when it comes to dealing with demanding projects. Some prefer outsourcing a portion of their work in order to reach the deadline on time, others keep their previous work stored for future use, while some crack under the pressure and leave the whole thing behind. These are all legitimate methods of coping with the everyday reality of professional web developers; however are they efficient and beneficial for the future of your career?

Outsourcing is often cost-efficient; nevertheless, there are a number of downsides to it. Hiring a third-party developer can result in delayed delivery, or poor quality which can lead to even more of your time consumed on fixing the issues, and dealing with the client’s satisfaction with your performance. On the other side, keeping your previous work for future purposes is a good idea, but what’s the point of having all your efforts stored on a hard drive, waiting to be used once in a while? Giving up on a project is also a good idea, but it can lead to poor feedback and certain loss of revenue.

Away with the conventions

Codester provides an alternative to all conventional methods of reaching out for help. It is an online platform operating in a form of web development asset marketplace. It allows visitors to browse between thousands of different software solutions built for every available platform. It doesn’t matter if you’re into back end of front end development; Codester has your back covered for all those aspects of your project that keep you away from dealing with larger issues. Furthermore, Codester can also serve as a means for generating a passive income, which is always a good thing.

So what can we hope for when we use Codester? How difficult it is to become a user and find what we are looking for? In order to reach the answers to these questions, we need to go a little deeper in explaining this full stack web developers’ paradise.

Codester shopping experience

The first thing one can notice when using Codester is that the website is user-friendly and logical, which makes your search easier and comprehensive. All of the available items are grouped in their respective categories, so if you’re looking for a PHP script to add to your back end project, you won’t be going through a list of products which include some other types of files like iOS apps, or Joomla theme templates. Talking about the offer, here is a list of categories available on Codester:

  • Scripts and Code
  • App Templates
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Graphics

Each of these categories further expands revealing different coding languages and platforms that you can choose from. Per example, if you need to add an app to your website, you can simply choose the App Templates category and find the required platform like Android, iOS, Buildbox, Unity, and many others. It’s also important to recognize the Codester’s customer care effort, which provides visitors with a notion that their experience with this website doesn’t end with the purchase. On the contrary, once you buy a product, you also get the chance to receive all future product updates. Moreover, the safety and functionality of every item are under the watchful eye of Codester tech support staff that checks every item before authorizing it for sale. Simply put, there’s virtually no reason to fear that you’ll get anything less than what you paid for.

Speaking of payments, Codester also provides weekly Free items and Flash sales. Every week a new set of items are available for download completely free of charge. Products acquired in these weekly actions don’t provide updates support, however, but the functionality is not to be concerned about. Moreover, Flash sales provide substantial discounts on a limited amount of products for a limited time, but the twist is in the fact that discounted items come with a full support package, which means you get all the future fixes and updates as if you paid the whole price.

Passive income opportunity

Why store your work on a hard drive and leave it there waiting when you can make a profit out of your previous projects? Codester allows you to, seamlessly and free of charge, create a profile which allows you to place your work for sale. It doesn’t matter which type of web development asset you’re selling the process is the same and almost effortless. Just upload your files and wait for the tech support to check your work for safety and functionality purposes. Once your upload is authorized, all that’s left to do is watch your account balance grow, enjoying the 70 percent commission rate. Most of the competition provides 30 to 50 percent commission, which makes Codester far more valuable in terms of profit.

Furthermore, through weekly free files, you can make a name for yourself and build a brand that will attract buyers. Snatching an opportunity like that can set a firm foundation for a successful career path.


With more than five thousand items in their store, a number that grows larger with each passing day, Codester provides a substantial arsenal of web development products. Fully customizable templates, along with all the necessary documentation, enable you to deal with project issues with ease. Moreover, Codester is a place where you can grow as a developer and create a career for yourself. In conclusion, Codester makes your work process more effective, enhances your productivity, and offers a chance for a passive income.