Challenges to Create Unique Brand Logo

Challenges to Create Unique Brand Logo

The creation of the perfect logo can come with obstacles, especially if you have many competitors in your industry. Obstacles can include the inability to create a truly fresh idea, the struggle to keep a logo relevant to your business, or picking a logo that’s popular and fashionable. Because technology is advancing at such a fast pace, the quality of tools for logo design improves every year. Colors and trends change what defines a cool logo from year to year. If you’re seeking professional assistance, help is easily accessible online from websites such as

To overcome some of these challenges, you can consider these approaches.

Challenges for Creating a Brand Logo

When there are so many competitors with great logos, it can be daunting for you when you are designing your initial concept design. However, you are not alone. Everyone must go through the process of coming up with a logo that fits their company’s public image.

Communicating the Concept

This is a common problem for many businesses. Often, logos are confusing, obscure, and not properly communicating what the business stands for. When a customer sees your logo, it needs to deliver a company’s trademark in a meaningful way. Research states that 42% of customers believe logos reflect a company’s personality. Your logo should communicate the essence of your company’s cause. You need to understand your audience and figure out what they like.

Picking Colors

Some logos have too many colors or all the wrong colors. The colors may not mesh well or may be a tacky combination that is rough to look at. Colors are important, as they influence us emotionally and psychologically. To choose the right color for your logo, you have to consider what you are trying to display about your company. For example, a toy company is playful and fun, a music company is cool and interactive, and a book company is educational and entertaining. When you pick the colors to reflect your business, you need to think about what the colors represent and how they make your customers feel. Pink will have a different effect from black. Try to focus on simple color choices. Out of the most successful companies, 95% of the top brands only use one or two colors in their logo designs.

Staying Current

Many logos are old-fashioned and stuck in the 80s or 90s. They lack the cutting-edge look reflected in current trends. Sometimes this design element is subtler and harder to grasp, as you can argue that some logos are simply timeless. You should stick with what is current and modern. An outdated logo concept can’t connect to today’s culture. The mindset and thought process is different. While some logos can have an antiquated flair, it needs to be integrated into a modern look.

Staying Professional

Logos are supposed to be creative pieces of art that express your company’s image. Too dull, and no one will look at the logo. Too flamboyant, and no one will take your company seriously. Logos can’t simply be cut and dry, as it won’t be eye-catching. There is a fine balance between ingenuity and professionalism. Convey the strong points of your company in an acceptable way, but also make the imagery eyecatching and engaging.

Create an Identity

Logos can often get lost in the noise of so many similar designs across companies. Competitors may be targeting the same customers and designing logos to appeal to a particular demographic. However, don’t let that discourage you. You can focus on making a logo that speaks to your niche market but is also unique and different. Use the best of both worlds. Take an old and popular concept that fits in with your industry, but add a twist. Add your own flavor to an image that represents your company best. Also, you can try something completely unprecedented. Review all of the different logos your competitors have, and create something completely original.

Find Out More About Logo Making

Get started on your logo with additional help. You can use a tool that prompts you with new ideas but allows you to mix and match different elements. Use a professional logo maker to help you get started. Make a logo that makes your company stand out.