Ways To Make Your Workflow Faster On Mac

Ways To Make Your Workflow Faster On Mac

An efficient and fast computer for work is very important for so many entrepreneurs and startups who run an online business these days. As they say – time is money, so when you choose a high-quality computer you want it to make your work more productive, smart, and fast.

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For those of you who choose to use any kind of Mac for work and productivity, we have some tips on how to make your workflow faster. Here you’ll find some tips and tools that will help you do that. Also, if you are really into business efficiency, you should definitely read this article about 13 tools to boost your online business today.

Remove Apps That You Do Not Need

If you are wondering why your precious Mac became slower than before, you should know that the main cause is usually a big amount of unnecessary apps that eat up your valuable resources.

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If you are wondering why your precious Mac became slower than before, you should know that the main cause is usually a big amount of unnecessary apps that eat up your valuable resources.

One thing is the apps that you don’t use or no longer use – they clutter your computer and take up space. Another thing is third-party apps that you don’t remember installing – in that case, you should do more than just delete them, you should also scan your Mac for viruses and any malware.

There are special apps like Setapp.com that can help you easily remove no longer needed apps from your Mac. All you will need to do is download the app, launch it and open CleanMyMac. Afterward, choose and tick the apps you wish to remove. If you’re not sure if you really want to invest in an app like this – there is always a free 7-day trial.

But whatever you do, just don’t drag your apps to the trash bin. This way the app will leave additional files all over your computer that won’t be deleted by dragging the app to the trash bin.

Try Cleaning Your Hard Drive

Similar as with the apps, if you have too many files on your computer, it might also slow it down significantly. Probably nothing slows Mac more than a packed up full hard drive. Try to clean it and you’ll see – the speed will increase perceptibly.

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To do so, you’ll need to know some things. Deleting old files, movies, songs, and other files you no longer need is just the first step. But what about all those files that various apps leave behind them? For this you’ll need special software like CleanMyMac X. This tool is one that is safe to use and can do the smart cleaning for your Mac. If you don’t enjoy this one, you can also look for some alternatives on Google.

Make Sure You Constantly Update Your macOS

Apple works hard every day in order to provide you with the fastest possible software. Therefore if you forget to update it or refuse to do so, you might be losing a greater speed on your Mac, especially if you’re using new or updated apps that are already complied to work and function best on the newest macOS.

If you are wondering what is the latest version of it right now – it’s called macOS Mojave and it can be easily downloaded via App Store. This new version of macOS also has some great additional features like Dark Mode, updated finder, group FaceTime, redesigned Mac App Store, enhanced security, and so much more. To discover more features of macOS Mojave, you can read this article on Forbes.

Apps In the Background

If you have too many apps running in the background, it could be eating up a lot of your resources, so you should really check that, especially if you don’t really use or need the apps that use the most of the resources.

To fix this issue, open the Activity Monitor and see which apps use up the most of your computer’s resources. You can find it in the Utilities folder.  If you don’t need a specific app running, just end the process by clicking the “X”.