The Need To Have Citation Clean Up For Modern Business

The Need To Have Citation Clean Up For Modern Business

In the world of modern search engine optimization we can say that practically electricians in New York all the small things can create a huge difference. That is also the case when referring to the local citations. Every few months it is really important that you go through a citation clean up process. This is what guarantees that only up-to-date information will appear in search engine results and that Google does not penalize the site by not showing the address, name and phone number of a company (commonly referred to as NAP).

A citation is basically any mention of the business name and address on web sites. The link back to the website is not mandatory. Sometimes it exists but in other cases it will not be present. As a simple example, the Yellow Pages is made out of only citations, including business name, address and phone number.

So many businessmen know that the citation will play a pretty large role in the local rankings since this is quite logical. However, in many cases we see the businessmen neglecting creating a citation campaign. The removal of the improper citations is something that is way too rare at the moment.

Local SEO And Citations

The search engine sees the citation as a credible information source connected with the business. It will consider many factors when determining search engine results and the order. Contrary to what so many think at the moment, the citations coming from high authority websites like Yelp will drastically increase results. Search engines see the citations as a sign of confidence and the entire appearance is affected for categorization purposes.

We should also mention that the business citation is very important in the event the company does not have a website. If this is the case, how can people find details about the considered business that may be present? The most common approach when looking for service providers these days is to look for contact details on search engines. For instance, you may look for “electricians in New York”. Because of citations it is possible that contact details for those electricians without websites will also appear.

Citation Consistency And Clean up Need

The details associated with a business can so easily change from time to time. For instance, the office address may be moved, a new phone number may be added or even the name can be changed. As the new business citations appear on the internet, those that are correct, the older ones still remain present. Because of this, we will have different resources offering some information and other resources highlighting other details.

When search engines see that there are inconsistencies that appeared, various actions can be taken. In some cases we see address listings completely removed, especially when NAP was changed several times since the first citations appeared.

The citation clean up will basically identify current citations and will take the necessary tasks to offer the correct details. This is something that is quite necessary when looking at the businesses that have been around for a long time and grew.