Testing Your SEO Strategies to Ensure ROI

Testing Your SEO Strategies to Ensure ROI

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the talk of the hour and everyone is making it a part of their online marketing strategy. The strategy needs to be the best, otherwise, you can never enjoy the perks that you might get with a good SEO consultant like Seo North Sydney. Once you have created and implemented a strategy, you need to keep a track, so that you get ROI (Return on Investment).

Calculating the ROI can help you understand, whether your business is giving you good returns for the investment you made in SEO. With this information, you will be able to understand which strategies worked the best, and which failed to meet your expectation.

How can you track the success of your SEO strategies for good ROI?

All businesses are unique, and so are their SEO strategies. Often, like other business owners, you may also have felt uncertain whether a SEO strategy could work or not. For that you need to take a look at certain ways of measuring and testing your strategy:

  1. Tracking Inbound Links: Inbound link is a fairly easy concept, it is the link to your website from another one. Higher number of inbound links means that Google has prioritized your website, and, given it a higher rank in search results. Hence, if you see a high number of such links, you should be happy, because the SEO strategies are working perfectly, offering your business great ROI.
  1. Tracking Non-Branded Organic Traffic: Traffic to your website is always good. Branded traffic is the traffic you get when people search for your brand particularly; but the non-branded type of traffic is based on keyword search. The latter kind is considered to be more important. Using Google Analytics, you will be able to find that out. The non-branded traffic means that more new customers are visiting your website, and improving visibility of your business, which is possible with good ranking. QED: your SEO strategies must be working perfectly to get you the higher rankings.
  1. Tracking the Bounce Rates: The number of people visiting only a single page of your website is the bounce rate of your website. A lower bounce rate is usually taken as a sign of better quality of traffic to your website. This will help you understand whether your SEO strategies need a change or not. Just remember that bounce rate should not be taken lightly , take a look at other metrics to ensure that you have the right results.
  1. Track Quality of Traffic to your Website: You might be receiving high traffic, but is it relevant to your products and services? The answer to this question is what need to find out. By good quality traffic we mean traffic that is relevant for your brand. Conversion will only occur and bring ROI, if, you have traffic of people interested in your products and services (i.e. good quality traffic). This report is available with the help of Google Analytics. If you find that you are receiving high quality traffic, then congratulations! Your SEO strategies are working and will definitely ensure ROI.
  1. Tracking Revenue: Revenue is the most important test that your SEO needs to pass. SEO efforts that do not bring in revenue are completely useless. A consistent revenue is the sign of an efficient SEO strategy and good ROI. Keep an eye on the revenue, and this will help you understand whether the SEO strategies you have implemented need to be changed or not!

SEO strategies can sometimes seem to be working, but you might be shocked to find that there is no ROI! The above tests and pointers will help you realize whether your SEO technique is actually bringing you revenue! . Do not live in a fool’s world! Or (in other words) in a world of denial or ignorance! ake the right precautions, and, keep an eye on what actually matters — success of your SEO strategies and their ability to bring ROI.