How Technology is Creating Ease in Computing

How Technology is Creating Ease in Computing

Technology carries with it a promise that it will make our lives easier, but when you are struggling with computer issues, trying to get an app to work or find out you have to update your phone before it becomes obsolete, it can sometimes feel as though that isn’t the case.

While there are frustrations associated with any type of technology, there are many ways it can make your life simpler.


It wasn’t very long ago that filing your taxes meant getting hard copies of forms and booklets and spending time poring over tables and instructions. Now, you can use convenient software to file online that takes you through those complicated forms by asking you questions to determine how you should fill out your forms. With a push of the button, your taxes can be submitted. Any number of answers to questions can be found quickly at the IRS site, from how to find my tax bracket to how to fill out more complex forms. If you have an installment plan, you can easily pay online monthly.

Smart Appliances

There was a lot of buzz a few years ago about something called the internet of things, and at the time, it might have seemed like gadgets for tech-happy people. Do we all really need out coffee makers to be connected to the internet? However, these appliances can actually be very useful, and a smart refrigerator is at the top of that list. It can tell you when you are about to run out of things you store in it, and you can order them using Google or Alexa. You’ll have no more unpleasant surprises when you get home from work to find you’re out of milk. Smart stoves can identify what you are cooking and how long it needs to cook at what temperature. Washers, dryers and other smart devices can simplify your housework as well.

Smart Thermostats

Appliances aren’t the only useful smart devices out there. Thermostats that you can control remotely and that identify your heating and cooling patterns can help you save money and energy without sacrificing your comfort. For example, using a traditional system, you might have lowered the heat at night or while you were at work. Some systems let you set a timer, but what if your habits aren’t always consistent? You can control these thermostats from your phone, so whether you want to adjust while on a conference call in your home office, or you can make sure you adjust the temperature shortly before arriving home after a long day away.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

No one enjoys sweeping and vacuuming, and the robot vacuum can save you from all that drudgery. These can be particularly useful if you have pets, which can sometimes mean your floors need to be cleaned daily. Robotic vacuum cleaners have been around for a while, but they have improved in leaps and bounds since they were first introduced to the market. If you found an older model unsatisfactory a few years ago, it’s worth giving one another chance.