5 Unique Ways to Use Cloud Storage

5 Unique Ways to Use Cloud Storage

A decade ago, nobody would have imagined they could save practically their entire lives in a giant “cloud” but that is exactly what people are doing now. Although originally marketed as a way to share documents – which it does, of course – the cloud has a wide range of other benefits.

1. Create a Digital Family Vault

A hundred years ago, family history was preserved in scrapbooks or mausoleums. Today, you can save your entire family history directly to the cloud. Use it to store pictures, newspaper scans, videos, recordings, or anything else interesting you can consider. Do you have older relatives? Interview them about their lives as children and save it to the cloud. Do you have children of your own? Create a set of questions, ask them each birthday and present your child with the recordings on his or her 18th birthday.

2. Track Bids and Proposals

Do you have potential clients in other cities, states, or countries who you can’t meet with personally? Use the cloud to set up a dedicated web page that you can use with them. You can both pull up the page during phone or video calls and edit it in real time to track proposals, bids, or even an entire project.

3. Keep Yourself Organized

Thanks to the dozens of cloud-based apps available, keeping yourself organized has never been easier. You can use the cloud to store voice memos, important documents, and anything else of importance. There are also applications to work on projects with other people, organize your to-do lists, and even create mind maps to help you organize your thoughts and start your next project.

4. Write in a Journal

Journaling has proven to be an excellent way of working through emotions and keeping track of important life moments. Even so, many people simply don’t have time to write on paper and storing entries on a computer will take up too much space eventually. You can use the cloud to write journal entries and safely store them. You can even choose whether to make them shareable or set them to private. It’s the perfect way to share your baby’s milestones with the world or simply write down everything you remember about the perfect evening with your spouse.

5. Synchronize Your Life

How many times have you gotten home only to realize you left an important document on the work computer? Have you ever written an amazing poem and not had it with you when you wanted to share? By keeping all your documents in the cloud, you’ll have access to them whether you’re at home, work, school, or the bar down the street. Never again will you need to worry about remember that important file.

There are dozens of cloud storage providers, so how do you choose the right one? There is no simple answer. Each offers its own benefits and drawbacks. Ideally, you’ll find one with near 100 percent uptime and a large amount of space for storage. The rest is up to your personal preferences.

Of course, these aren’t the only ways you can use the cloud. Whether for work, school, or fun, the possibilities are practically endless. How do you use it?