Making Your Website Click-Worthy

Making Your Website Click-Worthy

There are countless websites out there that feature very good content but are not found by visitors that are interested. When you are in such a situation all your effort, time and resources are practically going to waste. You have to learn how to make the site click-worthy. This practically means you want to make it more appealing. A professional web design and branding agency knows how to do that but people that cannot afford professional services will find it difficult. Here are some simple tips to remember.

Establish Goals

A very big problem with content in general is that there is no goal associated with it. As you design the website you should figure out exactly what goal you have so you are able to increase relevance. As the goal is decided you can work hard to create something that is going to work to reach the goal. In order to set website goals you will have to think about objective and whether or not you are going to want to sell services or products. As goals are not determined it is very difficult to create content that will meet needs. The target audience will not actually exist, even if you think that you have that figured out.

Using Verbs In Content Creation

As you write website content you want to cultivate the effective habit of properly using verbs in order to be able to spur actions in readers. The heading is often a good place to start but you can include verbs even in design elements if you think this is going to work. As a very simple example, instead of saying something general like “Website Security Tips” you can use a headline like  “Learn How To Increase The Security Of Your Website”.

Respect Layout Conventions

As you design the website you should take full advantage of the layout conventions that are in place to increase the click-worthy factor. It is vital to start work on the navigation bar first. Then, you want to have a logo on the site at locations that are the same as with industry standards. Such conventions are known by practically everyone. Readers are going to find it quite odd to notice that the navigation menu is not present above the fold and that there is no logo as one of the first things they see. Visitors basically see this as being completely unprofessional. Confidence in services and products will be automatically negatively impacted. What you want to do with your site is to stand out because of the right reasons. Not respecting the industry specific layout conventions will have a negative effect, even if you think you are original.

Final Thoughts

You basically have your website as a corporate office. The success the site has will highly depend on whether or not it is click-worthy. Visitors need to find true value on your site. When you manage to increase click-worthy status you will be able to automatically increase business success because of how the entire business is going to be perceived.