Explore the World of SharePoint

Explore the World of SharePoint

SharePoint is the world’s leading collaboration software that is as suitable for big corporations as it is for small and medium-sized businesses, and even individual professionals. For close to a decade, this content and collaboration software from Microsoft has had literally millions of downloads till now and continues to spread across each day. A Hosted SharePoint gives you all the features of a business-class collaboration and management system minus the hassles of maintenance and the need for constant internal IT support.

If you have not used SharePoint software till now, you might want to try out its different capabilities firsthand, before investing your money into it. The best way to it would be to get a free SharePoint site from any of the SharePoint hosting providers like cloudappsportal.com. With a free version of the Hosted SharePoint that is fully functional, you can test its usefulness as a full-fledged business productivity tool or as an individual website. You can start off by first getting your free SharePoint site up and publishing a small project description. This would help the visitors to your site know more the purpose and content of your SharePoint site.

You can make a great team site for all your team members to store, share, and collaborate on files and documents online. File uploading, sharing, and editing in real time are quite simple in a SharePoint site, with all the tools displayed as familiar icon on a ribbon at the top, similar to Word or Excel in Microsoft Office. You could also create a project workbook with all the finer details and link to it from the home page of your SharePoint site. Moreover, the SharePoint Document Set feature allows you to easily manage large groups of documents as a single item, for checking out, editing and re-uploading. In terms of aesthetics, you can give a well-rounded look to your site by adding a logo that gets automatically positioned above the project description. As for the design of your site, there are plenty of creatively-themed templates readily available within SharePoint or you could also incorporate custom images and backgrounds with equal ease.

A SharePoint site can also be used for uploading, and sharing of images, presentations, videos and more. It can also help you with contact management, calendar scheduling, and task management. You can use SharePoint to even create your own blog or wiki. Need to set up an online survey or a discussion board? No worries, SharePoint can handle that as well. The possibilities are endless when you start exploring the world of SharePoint.

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