Expanding Business Through Mobile Development

Expanding Business Through Mobile Development

The projections on mobile use is promising and exciting for any company that has already tapped into the power of mobile applications and marketing. By 2017, it’s expected that almost 5 billion people will be using mobile platforms in one form or another. This bright, sunny outlook is a little grimmer for companies that have yet to tap into this market.

The question is, why would businesses delay the jump to mobile. People who are on the go are often more likely to spontaneously buy or express interest in things. They are bored, commuting, and waiting in lines browsing their mobile platforms. The businesses who choose to show up on their phones are the businesses that will succeed in the future.

Chelsea mobile apps

Companies like Chelsea saw a need and they created an entire market for it. Even a short decade ago, mobile apps were unheard of. People used cellphones in cases or emergencies or to briefly check the score of a game on their very antiquated web browsers. There was little else to do on mobile platforms at that time.

Fast-forward to modern day cellphone use, and you see a world of users who are using their phones as portable computer. They check sports scores, shop online while waiting in offices, or simply use their phones to share some pictures with friends while on the go. App developers like Chelsea harness this kind of power and transform it into a second business for already established businesses. They can also create apps from scratch and sell those to eager users on the go.

What this means for business

A website is still the best way to communicate your overall business goals and keep in touch with customers. The problem is that normal browser websites often don’t convert well to mobile platforms. Developers of apps know this and they can take an existing website and turn it into a truly useful app for visitors. When users need to access a feature on the website, they simply go to the app and it’s there.

Apps are also functional and interactive in a way that a stationary website just can’t be. They allow users to do so much more than just what they can do on a desktop site. As the mobile market expands, businesses that don’t get in on the action will find themselves at a huge disadvantage.