The Best Ad Management Plugins for WordPress in 2014

The Best Ad Management Plugins for WordPress in 2014

For millions of websites around the world, the revenue model of choice is advert displays. Countless websites rely on the display of banner advertisements to monetise their website.  This is an easy to implement solution, with minimum time input, allowing you to maximise the earnings of your site.

Thankfully, there are lots of these solutions for people on WordPress who are looking to save themselves time. They can just grab a nice premium wordpress theme and then slot in their ads. In this piece we will take a look at some of the very best plugins used by webmasters around the world, making your selection process a lot easier as you implement a time tested website business model.

BuySellAds (PRO)

This plugin is a powerful solution that offers you an easy to use GUI to make the selling, serving and management of ads a breeze. It may, however, be considered to be top end and may not be best for newcomers to the WordPress world, as there are cheaper options that can offer some of the benefits of this platform.  However, this plugin may be worth the cost for you as it makes it easy for you to connect with advertisers, thereby increasing your earning potential.


This is a very light weight and simple ad management plugin with emphasis on ease of use. If you are able to create new posts on WordPress, you won’t have issues creating ads with this plugin. It offers widgets and shortcodes support for ads displays. This means you can display ads anywhere, ranging from sidebars to posts and pages.

Using this plugin, you can put together time-based ads that run for a specific period of time, or ads that will run until you remove them. This also comes with graphic presentations of your ad views, clicks etc. According to Kudos Web Design of Manchester “It is in fact one of the best plugins to use for people who are seeking simplicity, and don’t really care about extra fancy features.”


This is a simple solution for website owners that are looking to serve ads in 125X125 boxes.  It offers a basic interface that makes it easy for you to upload ads on your site. You can set the number of ad slots, columns and a standard ad-sales page.  The ad-sales page is the page that has information for advertisers telling them how they can advertise on the site; the pricing, statistics, and other need to know information.  It is possible to get going quickly by creating a page in WordPress, writing good sales copy and then link it from your default ad image.

 OIO Publisher

This is a complete ad management tool that is available as a plugin for WordPress powered websites. It makes it easy for you to eliminate the middle man by selling ads directly through your website. Using this plugin you can handle reporting, payments, tracking, and everything else.  It also allows you to create ad zones of different sizes and types and you can choose how many ads will be displayed in each zone, select the rotation specifics, targeting and a whole lot more.

The plugin is easy to use but you may have to edit the WordPress theme to be able to display ads in certain areas of your website.

Google DFP

Google DFP is a web-based ad selling and serving platform for small business owners.   It has a slight edge over others in terms of reliability and cost effectiveness. Throw in the fact that it is owned by Google and you will understand why many people see this as the plugin of choice.

It not only allows you to sell your ads, you can also run competition for the same ad spots on Adsense and other third party advertisement networks.  The service determines the best place to display the ads and places them there. It also has its own fair share of reporting tools that make it easy for you to keep tabs on the performance of your ads. In fact the statistical capability is much better than what is on offer on other platforms.

However, the effectiveness doesn’t rule out the fact that it is a little complicated when compared with some of the others we have seen above.

With any of the above plugins, you should be able to successfully run a hitch-free ad based revenue model on your website without having to sweat through it each day. The one you settle for should be determined by your needs and your proficiency in the use of WordPress.