Why is Responsive Web Design So Popular at the Moment?

Why is Responsive Web Design So Popular at the Moment?

A site that is created solely for the desktop’s large skins is not accessible on tablets and mobile devices in general because of the smaller screen. Responsive web design is a technology that was developed in order to solve this problem, allowing a proper display on smaller screens, without having web page content distortion. Such a design approach will optimize the browsing experience of the user on any possible device as it creates flexible web pages that are capable of adapting both vertically and horizontally.

We have to see responsive web design as a simple and easy method that can be used in order to reach a much vaster audience. As time passes, tablet and smartphone use increases at a rate that is higher than what was expected. Users are actually really fond of using their mobile devices in order to access sites. This leads towards an increase in popularity, one that is quite easy to understand. The reasons highlighted below have to be understood at all costs as responsive web design is becoming a necessity.

Your Site Gets More Traffic

Web dependence is higher than it ever was and more people are using the internet every single day. Web application development for tablets and smartphones made it so easy for the user to visit a site when they want, from any location. Old web design technology would redirect the user towards a site design that was modified so that it looks good on smaller screens. Responsive web design automatically changes that since only one version of a site appears. Traffic is increased naturally because of the fact that more people are using mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimization Is Improved

SEO is so important for all professional and commercial sites out there so that the target audience can be reached. The SEO service needs to enhance website linking ranks. When a website link is changed and we have that secondary mobile site with the redirect, the SEO professionals need to work on 2 sites at the same time. Obviously, working on both domain.com and m.domain.com is something that would hurt the progress and would lead towards it being a lot tougher to get to the point where you can dominate search engine rankings.

User Experience Is Increased

When the responsive website is accessed, the user will have an obviously improved experience. That is especially the case when thinking about smaller screens. Redirection process is no longer a thing so the overall page load time is so much lower. You do not have to click on responsive website links to only get redirected. We basically have a completely unified web design that offers a consistant and smooth user experience.

More Sales

This is an advantage that is important for the owner of the site, most likely the most important. Responsive web design increases the number of sales that are generated because people can use mobile devices in order to make a purchase. As traffic grows and the design is much better than with the older approach, we are faced with more possibilities to make a sale, which is exactly what any business owner or marketer wants.