When the Creativity Doesn’t Flow at Work Anymore

When the Creativity Doesn’t Flow at Work Anymore

When you’re a web designer, creativity is an essential item in your job description. It’s not enough to know coding and the principles of good design. You must also know how to make the product unique and innovative so it stands out from the millions of other websites.

But when that creativity leaves, it makes it difficult to do your job. One of the most frustrating things about creativity is that sometimes it comes only in spurts. You’ll be on a roll one week, and less than seven days later, you don’t have a single original thought.

How could your inspiration from previous days disappear so quickly? At times, your lost ingenuity is a natural process of the brain that needs a little more time to recharge after a bout of creativity.

Other times, it’s the result of your personal habits. In fact, there may be several factors that lead to lost creativity.

All Work and No Play

Working in a boring place without breaks for fun or play time is one of the quickest routes to a loss of ideas. The brain needs stimulation to think of new things, and when you’re not exposed to activities that can encourage creativity, you may stop generating original thoughts.

The best way to combat this is to introduce more play time at your office. It shouldn’t take so much time that productivity grinds to a halt, but it should happen on a regular basis.

You might throw a party to celebrate a birthday or random holiday, bring in a confetti cannon just for fun, host an employee appreciation lunch, or play ping-pong on your breaks. Little things can go a long way to reviving creativity in your brain.

Lack of Activity

Mental health and physical health are all but synonymous. Your body must be healthy in order for your brain to function properly.

When you starve your body of exercise, let your muscle mass deteriorate, and miss out on opportunities to stretch your legs, you’re only robbing your brain of opportunities for imagination.

Try to foster a pattern of exercising at least thirty minutes every morning before work. While you exercise, you’re also giving yourself time to ponder your work activities, which should help you come up with good ideas.

You’ll walk in the door energized and bursting with insights. When you start to lose some of that inspiration, go for a short walk to perk up your brain.

Not Enough Sleep

Sleep is another aspect of physical and mental health that’s essential for good cognitive function. It’s not enough to get eight hours of sleep per night. You must also get quality sleep, which means your spend the majority of those hours in deep sleep.

During this stage, your brain begins to catalog and sort information from the previous day so it’s fresh and restored for the next. If it doesn’t have an opportunity to carry out this necessary function, you won’t have enough brain power to perform at the top of your game the next day.

You can alter some of your nighttime rituals to ensure a better night’s sleep. Begin by removing all technology from the room. You may keep your phone nearby, as long as you look at it minimally.

Also, avoid eating a heavy meal close to bedtime and ensure it’s dark and quiet enough to sleep. These factors are essential to getting your rest and regenerating your creativity.