5 Easy Tips to Help Your Website Convert Traffic

5 Easy Tips to Help Your Website Convert Traffic

Some websites convert better than others do. Take, for example, Amazon. Everyone knows Amazon is the biggest e-commerce site on the planet. A staggering 74{f48cdb843be78821f3e6bad1e0e37d22b133730599e0a9a60c52ba26b491813c} of Amazon Prime customers buy something when they visit the site. Most eCommerce businesses would kill for a conversion rate as high as that. You are probably thinking at this point that your website is not in the same league as Amazon, so how can you compete, but the truth is you don’t need to be!


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Whether you use a top website design agency or have a go yourself, the principles behind high website conversion rates are not that difficult to master. As long as you take note of the following tips, you should be able to maximize your conversation rate.

Easy to Navigate Website

High converting websites are easy to navigate. The more difficult you make it for a customer to find what they are looking for the faster they will click away to a competitor’s website. What you need are clear navigation menus and simple links between pages. Organize your pages in an intuitive manner to make it super easy to find the right information.

Useful tools for easy navigation on eCommerce websites include similar product recommendations, product ratings and a continual overview of what the customer has in their shopping cart.

Large Attention-Grabbing Graphics

Large, exciting graphics grab attention, which is all-important in the media saturated world we live in. Use a large graphic at the top of the page to draw customers in. Combined with great text, this keeps readers engaged and interested. The more interested they are, the more likely they are to convert.

Strong Call to Action

Every website needs a strong call to action. Think about what you want your visitors to do. If you have an eCommerce website, you probably want them to spend money, but there are other reasons for having a website, including persuading people to sign up for a service or newsletter. Whatever your purpose, make sure it is abundantly clear.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are a powerful tool. We are more likely to trust a website if we read testimonials from other satisfied customers. Some website owners write their own bogus testimonials, which is not recommended, but linking to a service such as TrustPilot or TripAdvisor can be beneficial – as long as most reviews are actually good!

Risk-Free Products

One way to boost conversion rates is to offer customers something for free. We all love free giveaways, so the lure of free product is sure to encourage us to sign up for a trial. When something is free, it is perceived to be less risky. You might also want to offer a money back guarantee too, as this also helps to promote the idea of a product or service being ‘risk free’.

Keep a close eye on your website analytics to monitor conversion rates. Often all it takes is a few small tweaks to improve things, but only change one thing at a time, or you won’t know what works.