40 Beautiful Nature Desktop Backgrounds

After sharing and selecting different inspirational stuff, now i am thinking about to go green. An idea came that nature is an excellent source to change our moods and feelings – this compilation is about cool and beautiful nature scenes which can enhance the beauty of your desktop by sitting at background.

Today, i am going to explore magical beauty of nature which is hidden in ocean, mountains, lakes and everywhere. I hope you will like these free Nature Desktop Backgrounds and choose one of them to spice up your computer desktop. You can also get inspiration from them when are involved in business card designing and brochure printing services. I usually change my desktop backgrounds regularly as it helps me to refresh my thinking and boast my energy to stay on work.

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1. Red Mountain

1_Red Mountain

Red Mountain

2. Foggy Morning

2_Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning

3. Through The Wood

3_Through The Wood

Through The Wood

4. Silence



5. Lonely Soul

5_Lonely Soul

Lonely Soul

6. Pacific City

6_Pacific City

Pacific City

7. Desert



8. Oirase Gorge

8_Oirase Gorge

Oirase Gorge

9. Trilith



10. Borealis at Heart

10_Borealis at Heart

Borealis at Heart

11. Aurora Over The Big City

11_Aurora Over The Big City

Aurora Over The Big City

12. The Rock

12_The Rock

The Rock

13. The Magic Tree - Wallpaper Pack

13_The Magic Tree - Wallpaper Pack

The Magic Tree - Wallpaper Pack

14. A Rorschach Morning

14_A Rorschach Morning

A Rorschach Morning

15. One Sunny Day

15_One Sunny Day

One Sunny Day

16. Wasteland - Stock

16_Wasteland - Stock

Wasteland - Stock

17. Simple Brilliance - Stock

17_Simple Brilliance - Stock

Simple Brilliance - Stock

18. Background Stock 12

18_Background Stock 12

Background Stock 12

19. Indefinite



20. Yohoo - III

20_Yohoo - III

Yohoo - III

21. Nighttime at Donner Lake

21_Nighttime at Donner Lake

Nighttime at Donner Lake

22. Dreaming Wide Awake

22_Dreaming Wide Awake

Dreaming Wide Awake

23. Estrella Mountains

23_Estrella Mountains

Estrella Mountains

24. Meelup Beach

24_Meelup Beach

Meelup Beach

25. 4Rest



26. Good Morning

26_Good Morning

Good Morning

27. Spring Wheat

27_Spring Wheat

Spring Wheat

28. Lower Falls, Yellowstone

28_Lower Falls, Yellowstone

Lower Falls, Yellowstone

29. Ghost Fog

29_Ghost Fog

Ghost Fog

30. Lazy Days II

30_Lazy Days II

Lazy Days II

31. Splatter



32. The Jetty

32_The Jetty

The Jetty

33. No More Rain

33_No More Rain

No More Rain

34. Lower Falls, Yellowstone

34_Lower Falls, Yellowstone

Lower Falls, Yellowstone

35. Creamy Sky

35_Creamy Sky

Creamy Sky

36. First Of May

36_First Of May

First Of May

37. Viva La Nature Wallpaper Pack 5

37_Viva La Nature Wallpaper Pack 5

Viva La Nature Wallpaper Pack 5

38. Red Rocks

38_Red Rocks

Red Rocks

39. Vr6fern Wallpapers

39_Vr6fern Wallpapers

Vr6fern Wallpapers

40. Autumn




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