20 Creative Light Painting Photography

Creative Light painting, known as light drawing or even light graffiti, be capable of make a number of genuinely beautiful effects yet don’t be technique, it isn’t as trouble-free because at the same time brook a little light in front of the lens.

Indeed, light can also be considered as a medium for more powerful and more vivid artistic expression. In fact, many artists and crews make use of it creating quite impressive works of art. In this post we have compiled 20 creative light painting photography to inspire you. Enjoy!

1. Pouring Rain by Simon Berger

1_Pouring Rain by Simon Berger

Pouring Rain by Simon Berger

2. I m On Fire

2_I m On Fire

I m On Fire

3. Spider On The Track

3_Spider On The Track

Spider On The Track

4. Fire Island

4_Fire Island

Fire Island

5. Light Paint

5_Light Paint

Light Paint

6. Rain Maker by Simon Berger

6_Rain Maker by Simon Berger

Rain Maker by Simon Berger

7. Under My Umbrella

7_Under My Umbrella

Under My Umbrella

8. Knapps Castle, Electrified

8_Knapps Castle, Electrified

Knapps Castle, Electrified

9. Finding Light

9_Finding Light

Finding Light

10. Feb Light Graffiti

10_Feb Light Graffiti

Feb Light Graffiti

11. Balrog by Simon Berger

11_Balrog by Simon Berger

Balrog by Simon Berger

12. Ghost Performer

12_Ghost Performer

Ghost Performer

13. Led Trails

13_Led Trails

Led Trails

14. Electric Guitar

14_Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar

15. Perfect Circle

15_Perfect Circle

Perfect Circle

16. Human Bulb

16_Human Bulb

Human Bulb

17. Spraying Sparks by Simon Berger

17_Spraying Sparks by Simon Berger

Spraying Sparks by Simon Berger

18. Looking For a Place To Sit

18_Looking For a Place To Sit

Looking For a Place To Sit

19. Fluorescent Tunnel

19_Fluorescent Tunnel

Fluorescent Tunnel

20. Light Graffiti

20_Light Graffiti

Light Graffiti


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