How is Your Website Doing With Repeat Visitors?

How is Your Website Doing With Repeat Visitors?

A first-time visitor is the most difficult to attract to a website, regardless of the circumstances. Repeat visitors, while they tend to be more valuable and high returning, are significantly easier to bring back to your site. Why, then, is it that most businesses focus so much on bringing in those first-time visitors, but not keeping them? In order to have a really effective customer acquisition strategy, a site should be developed and designed in a manner that turns these new clicks into repeat visitors. 

Give These 3 Tips a Shot 

From the moment you get a visitor on your site, the goal should be to do two things: (1) drive a conversion, and (2) encourage them to return again. If you aren’t getting the volume of repeat traffic that you’d like, the following tips may help you get back on track. 

  1. Capture Information

The best way to ensure you have the ability to attract repeat traffic is to capture as much information as possible from your visitors. The more information a lead gives you, the greater your chances of bringing them back.

“A great way to get return visitors is to use pop-up subscription forms that urge guests to subscribe to your blog or a newsletter,” Green Residential points out. “Through these publications, you can offer useful information and tips that will show readers the value you can offer.” 

Opt-in forms can easily be integrated into your website design with the help of any number of plugins and tools. But in order to get the most from your opt-in forms, make sure you’re following best practices.

  1. Customize Content to Your Audience

The internet is filled with generic content that has no real audience. When a visitor sees this sort of information, their eyes glaze over and they begin to tune out. In an effort to deliver more meaningful content that keeps visitors coming back for more, you need to create custom content that speaks to the specific desires and pain points of your audience.

Not sure who your audience is? This is an even bigger problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible. Tapping into your website’s analytics is a great start. If you use Google Analytics, they have lots of robust information on audiences, which should give you more than enough information to get started. 

  1. Tease Upcoming Events

You have to give your visitors a reason to come back. While this reason can sometimes be subliminal, it often needs to be direct. One of the best ways to grab a visitor’s attention is by teasing some upcoming event or promotion.

For example, let’s say you’re having an end of summer sale approaching. Instead of suddenly springing the sale on everyone as soon as it starts, you could build some anticipation in the weeks prior by featuring various banners, pop-ups, and blog posts on the promo. This creates a mental note in the visitor’s head that tells them to check back in later. Even if they don’t remember the exact dates of the sale, they’re likely to visit again to clarify the details. 

Enhance Your Site’s Value With Repeat Traffic 

There’s tremendous value in attracting first-time visitors to your website. This article isn’t meant to refute that idea. But if you’re only focused on new traffic, then you’re probably spending too much, while enjoying minimal results.

Once you begin driving traffic to your site, your attention should immediately shift towards encouraging these visitors to return. The tips in this article will get you pointed in the right direction, but don’t stop there. Continually optimize as necessary to enjoy the best results possible.

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